Paul & Adam Would Have Been A Perfect Match

by Jessica Molinari

America, meet the hipster Frank Sinatra. Paul Pfau, 26, hit The Voice stage with guitar in hand and impressed the coaches with a modern version of Sinatra's "Fly Me to the Moon." His blues roots and Maroon 5 influence were clear, but unfortunately he didn't get matched with his dream coach — Adam Levine. The two would have been a match made in Heaven, but the coach didn't turn around. Pfau will find success on Team Pharrell, but he would have made it much further in the game with Levine.

At this stage in the game it's really hard to get one chair to turn, but Pfau was able to turn almost 3. That almost? Levine. Unfortunately the veteran coach filled his team early and couldn't hit his button, despite his multiple attempts. Silly Adam, don't you know by now that the producers save the best for last? Levine would've been the perfect coach for the DC native. Here's a few reasons why:

  1. They have similar styles. Levine said it himself — him and Phau are basically the same person. They have the same gritty but high sound to them, are versatile performers, and are the perfect amount of quirky. The two would have been a bromance to rival only that of Blake Shelton & Levine.
  2. They got their starts early on. Levine used music to get through some tough times growing up. Pfau didn't necessarily use music to get through tough times, but he did start pretty early. He started playing guitar around age 14, and then decided to take a stab at singing his senior year at school. His performance was far from flawless, but his classmates complimented him despite forgetting the words.
  3. They were destined to work together. Pfau met Levine at a Maroon 5 concert 10 years ago with a demo in hand. He chickened out at last minute and didn't give it to him. Levine was even more heart-broken after hearing this news. Thankfully Pfau came prepared and gifted his demo to the Maroon 5 singer after his audition. At least Levine got a parting gift.

Pfau will do well on Team Pharrell, there's no doubt about that. But there's no question that he was made for Team Adam. Here's hoping Pharrell will let go of Pfau in the Battle Rounds and Levine will steal him right away. Pfau and Levine will learn from each other, become amazing together, and then the two will walk hand in hand through the finale and off into The Voice sunset.

Image: Facebook/Paul Pfau