11 Cute Rain Boots Rain Boots To Help You Get Through Those April Showers

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I'm so ready for some May flowers, but I suppose if the saying holds true, we have to overcome some April showers first. I for one am not the biggest fan of rain, and I've gone my whole life without owning a pair of rain boots — I don't find them the most attractive in the shoe department. But I'm tired of having to step delicately around puddles, and stressing over which pair of shoes I don't mind getting a little wet. So I've decided to commit to finding a pair of cute rain boots that will let me confidently stride through the rain. And what better time than before these early Spring showers? If you're like me and have trouble finding a pair of rain boots you actually think are attractive, this list is for you. So you don't have to sacrifice style for function, here are 11 pairs of rain boots you'll actually want to rock. Now who's up for some puddle jumping?

Image: Suchota/Fotolia

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