Lena Dunham, Xena, and Other Celebs Who Support Breastfeeding: Time to Celebrate the Lactivists!

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Lena Dunham is a woman with plenty of opinions, including one on a hot-button issue: breastfeeding. Somehow, in 2013, some people have yet to realize that public breastfeeding doesn't hurt anybody. One of those "people" is Instagram. The photo-sharing app blocks any pics displaying a baby plus a nipple, and the Dunham called them out on it. Yesssss, Lena! The Girls star posted an adorable photo of a friend breastfeeding with the following caption: "My @sarahsophief feeding the brand new Dusty. I made the flower crown and she added the flower censor. Wish she didn't have to cuz the nipple is dope. Instagram, get down with the nipple."

But Dunham isn't the first celebrity to speak out against the stigma against breastfeeding. Here are some other ladies who are also lactivists.

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