Where Did Jessa Duggar & Ben Seewald Get Married? The '19 Kids And Counting' Wedding Wasn't Far From Home

It's so hard to believe — especially since it seems like just yesterday that she was still a kid — that it's officially been four months since Jessa Duggar married Ben Seewald. But even though they said their vows last November, TLC is just now getting around to showing us their engagement and wedding planning process. We've seen Jessa and Ben take their engagement photos, compliments of the family photographer, Jinger, and watched them discuss venues, food, and who to invite (basically everyone they've ever met). Now that Jessa's also found her perfect dress, it seems like there's only one thing left to do: Actually make this official. So where did Jessa and Ben get married?

Thanks to the interview People did with the happy couple on their big day, we have that answer and more. Jessa and Ben's wedding took place at First Baptist Church in Bentonville, Ark., which is pretty close to Jessa's parents' home in Tontitown. More than 1,000 people showed up to witness the event, which sounds like a lot but when you figure most of the Duggars' friends have huge families like theirs, it begins to make a lot more sense. After all, just look at the Bates. Between them and the Duggars, practically half the seats in the church have been accounted for. Jessa and Ben are pretty lucky they were able to find a venue to accommodate that kind of crowd.

I can't wait to see this wedding happen, especially after Jessa has seemed both clueless and disinterested in the entire planning process all season long. "What are flowers? I can't name them." "Let's just have ice cream and hot dogs." "Josh, you can pick what photo goes on my wedding invitations." If I didn't know Jessa so well (from watching her on TV constantly, of course), I'd think she was totally dreading walking down the aisle, but she really just isn't into wedding planning.

And regardless of Jessa's level of interest, from the pictures I've seen, it turned out absolutely beautifully, and I couldn't possibly love her blush colored dress more than I do. Seeing this wedding happen on 19 Kids and Counting is going to leave me with a serious case of FOMO, but I don't care. I love Duggar weddings, and I really love Jessa and Ben together. Their wedding episode might even top Derick and Jill's, which is no small feat.

Image: ben_seewald/Instagram