Will Hakeem & Camilla Last On 'Empire'? Their Relationship Has A Lot Of Issues

Of all the relationships on Fox's Empire , Hakeem Lyon and Camilla might be the ickiest. No, it has nothing to do with the age difference — I'm all for an older lady being with with a younger guy — but a lot to do with the psychological issues behind the romance. And it looks like Hakeem's "mommy issues," as Cookie called them, might be coming to a head in Wednesday's night Empire episode, where Camilla will try to get Hakeem to do what she wants. But will this May-December romance go the distance or fizzle out?

I sincerely doubt it, since this couple has a lot of strikes against them. Fox's description for Wednesday night's episode reads, "Hakeem, under the influence of Camilla, sets out to show his father that he’s a true artist and a good businessman." But it seems like the only person buying into Camilla's scheme is, well, Hakeem. "Cookie has a major issue with Camilla," Henson says in a Fox behind-the-scenes video for the episode. "She feels like it's all an agenda to get Hakeem's money." As for papa Lucious (Terrence Howard), he isn't willing to share control of his favorite son's career with Camilla.

The audience may not know what Camilla is after quite yet, but it doesn't seem like her intentions are pure. And neither are Hakeem's. Here are the reasons why this couple won't last.

Hakeem's Issues

Hakeem's mother Cookie Lyon (Taraji P. Henson) was in jail for most of his life and he barely acknowledges her as his mother, simply calling her by her first name in some scenes. Yet, Hakeem was willing to mutter the "M" word to Camilla while they were having sex.

But it's not Hakeem's fault. He was deprived of a real mother due to circumstances and he's been looking for replacement mother figures to fill that role. Unfortunately, he's looking in all the wrong places.

Since Hakeem is looking for a mother figure, Camilla exerts her control over him and it looks like she enjoys it. Basically, these two fulfill each other's needs: Hakeem is looking for loving guidance, and Camilla does that — and more — but probably not with the best of intentions.

Lucious Doesn't Approve

In the pilot, eldest Lyon son Andre comments that Hakeem only likes to show off when Lucious is around. Hakeem is unequivocally Lucious' favorite of his three sons and wants to give him his throne at Empire one day. Hakeem doesn't seem to do anything without the approval of his father, so if Lucious doesn't approve of Camilla, I can't see this romance lasting.

In the episode preview, Lucious tells Camilla, "You know how God made man in his image? I'm making Hakeem into my image. God didn't need no help — and neither do I." Ouch.

Hakeem Needs To Stand Up For Himself

There's no doubt that Hakeem has a ton of potential. He's a great musician and has a lot of charisma. But the one thing he lacks in his career is control, because he lets everyone else — whether it be Lucious, Cookie, or Camilla — pull the strings. Hakeem needs to cut those ties, start making his own decisions, and stand up for what he believes in, rather than doing the bidding of those who want to overpower him.

And once he can do that, he'll be fit for the throne Lucious wants him to inherit so badly.

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