Bette Midler Sings Kim Kardashian's Tweets, But She Shouldn't Stop There — VIDEO

You know the old saying that really great singers can belt out the phone book and still make it sound good? I suppose Jimmy Kimmel wanted to put that old adage to the test, because on Monday night he proved it true. How did he do such a thing? Well, it wasn't Kimmel himself who showered his audience in stellar vocals. Instead, he perpetuated his Twitter fetish and had the angelic voice of Bette Midler sing some of Kim Kardashian's inspiring tweets.

I think you can see where this whole thing is going, because yeah, Kardashian's tweets don't exactly warrant that kind of musical theater treatment. But, that didn't seem to matter to Midler though, because she sang them with complete ease and total sass, and I gotta be honest, I'd go see this in concert.

I guess that's not such an accurate gauge, since I'd go to see anything Midler was involved in, but you get the point. The Beaches actress somehow made arbitrary and sometimes downright senseless tweets sound, well, important. She can probably now add magician to her lengthy resume of talents, so get her to a proper Linked In page, will ya? If you want to experience the hilarious and surprisingly awesome Midler and Kimmel stunt, check out the video below:

Why should the fun end at Kardashian, you know? Let's keep the momentum going by suggesting a few other silly celeb tweets that Midler can sing her next time around on Kimmel:

Miley Cyrus

Perhaps a modern day spin on "My Favorite Things." But with things that definitely aren't anyone's favorites.

Chrissy Teigen

Because good singing requires passion and nothing makes people more passionate than food, right?!

Justin Bieber

I'd call this arrangement: The Journey to a Rogen Roast, the Life and Times of Justin Bieber

Kanye West

Maybe West's 140 character public offerings would seem more sincere in song...

Nicole Richie

To be honest, these musings would be great for some sort of dramatic, manic opera.

I know you've got this, Midler. Let's hear it.