Justin Bieber Begs Seth Rogen To Roast Him, But Does He Know What He's Getting Himself Into?

Oooooh boy, this will not end well: Justin Bieber's publicly asked Seth Rogen to roast him. This is for Bieber's upcoming Comedy Central Roast, sure to be the most interesting roast since... well, since James Franco got himself all roasted last year. But if Bieber gets his way and actually lands one of his harshest critics? Well, I'd put my money on this being an even more explosive evening.

Rogen was present and accounted for for Franco's roast, but there was a key difference there: Rogen and Franco are old, close friends. Rogen and Bieber, though? That one's, let's just say, a rockier road. One paved with Bieber doing all the things Bieber's been doing over the past couple of years while Rogen occasionally makes public comments like "Bieber's a piece of shit."

Still, the young singer is adamantly seeking out Rogen's presence, tweeting his desire for the comedian to roast him while simultaneously expressing his disappointment that one of his comedy heroes has been so publicly negative about him in the past. Bieber's tweets almost instantly got #WeWantSeth trending, with the Beliebers begging Rogen to take part on the roast while simultaneously reminding him that he's not their favorite person after he dissed their idol. It's certainly a relationship already chock full of baggage, so seeing it play out in a room specifically designed to point out all the flaws of the pop prince does hold the possibility for intrigue:

As for Rogen accepting the invitation, that is yet to be seen. My prediction: We'll either get a snarky tweet from Rogen publicly rejecting the prospect — or we'll see Rogen take the stage once again for a roast, this one much more epic than the last. Who knows, maybe this is what we all need to clear the pipes if Bieber's serious about taking the road to redemption.