Six Types Of BFFs Every Gal Has

We all have different friends we hang out with for different reasons — and BuzzFeed Violet totally just nailed why in their “Six Types of Best Friends You Have” video. We've all been there, from the Wild One to the Dependable One and everyone in between. Am I right, or am I right?

As is always the case with these sorts of generalizations, it's worth remembering that no one can be boiled down to one singular “type.” But at the same time, we do often play roles in our friendships — and that tendency is from whence these BFFS come. Me? I'm probably the Dependable One… which means I'm also intimately familiar with the more annoying aspects of my personality. My organizational skills might be useful, but I also realize that they can occasionally get on people's nerves. To anyone whom I have ever accidentally alienated: I'm sorry. Just, y'know… for what it's worth.

BuzzFeed Violet's content is geared primarily toward women; as such, all of the friends featured here are gals. I'm sure there are dude equivalents too, though, so feel free to apply and adapt them as necessary. Here are four of the standouts; scroll down to watch the full video. Which one are you?

1. The Wild One

Last-minute trip to Vegas? Sure! Why the heck not! Who cares if you've got a deadline tomorrow? YOLO, right? Sure, sometimes the Wild One can be tough to deal with; she does seem to have a habit of getting you into trouble (how she always manages to weasel out of it on her end is a mystery). But she also helps you cut loose every now and again, which has its own benefits. Taking risks can be a good thing, and she excels at it.

2. The Dependable One

There's one in every group: She looks up all the times for every possible movie you could want to see at every possible movie theater you could want to see said movies at. She also brings snack alternatives so you don't have to go broke buying popcorn at the concession stand… and a huge purse solely for the purposes of sneaking those snack alternatives in undetected. Sometimes, though, her hyper-organization can get a little bit annoying. But hey, she never flakes on you and she's always got your back.

3. The Funny One

No matter how mundane the story she's telling is, somehow, it's always hilarious coming out of her mouth. How does she do it? No idea. Impeccable timing or something. True, sometimes she has trouble taking the serious stuff… well, seriously — but she can always make you laugh, which is definitely handy when you're feeling down.

4. The Trash Talker

As far as she's concerned, she's not “trash talking”; she's “calling it like she sees it.” But if you call her on her shit, odds are she'll realize you're right and stop, y'know, sticking labels on everyone.

Like we're doing right now.

...I'll show myself out.

Watch the full video for all six BFF types below — but remember: Everyone is more than the sum of their parts, no matter what "type" they happen to be.

Images: Fotolia; BuzzFeed Violet/YouTube (4)