Are Stephen Colbert & Mindy Kaling Friends IRL? 'The Mindy Project' Gets A Dose Of Truthiness On Tuesday Night

Two of this planet's greatest people are joining forces as The Mindy Project welcomes Stephen Colbert (a fully bearded Stephen Colbert, to be exact) as Father Michael O'Donnell on Tuesday. Not only is this great news because nobody doesn't love a little StephCo on Tuesdays, but the combined hilarity between Kaling and Colbert is sure to be through stained-glass church roof. Continuing the amazing slew of guest stars that The Mindy Project has had this far into its three seasons, I think Colbert's arc could really be one of the best, especially because these Mindy Kaling and Stephen Colbert are huge fans of each other.

Colbert's character is probably somehow involved with Danny's faith — it's a shot in the dark, but I'm probably right. Colbert, who went full-on beard for the role, is sure to bring some humor to Danny and Mindy's time at church, as evident in a blooper take Kaling posted on her Instagram Monday. It's clear that these two have a great time together so pardon my need to 'ship this (in a friendship way, pervs).

Lucky for me, these two are actually pretty chummy. In Nov. 2014, Kaling was honored by Glamour magazine as part of their Women of the Year Awards and at the award show, Colbert introduced Kaling to the audience before she spoke about accepting her award. His speech, while hilarious, of course, also showed a true admiration that he had for Kaling in her career as a showrunner, actress, writer, producer, etc. (The woman wears so many hats, and they all look great on her. #LifeGoals.)

Glamour Magazine on YouTube

But that wasn't even the first time these two crossed paths: Colbert and Kaling met before the Glamour event, as Colbert interviewed Kaling on The Colbert Report (RIP). Clearly, he made an impression on the boss lady because when it came time for the Glamour awards, Kaling actually asked Colbert if he would introduce her because she "looks up to him." As a comedian and writer, who wouldn't?

Naturally, the feeling is mutual. Colbert says he's a fan of The Mindy Project — I'm sure it helps that he has been mentioned on the show in the past — and that he is incredibly impressed with the "funny and edgy" show that Kaling and her team have created. He, too, is a fan of the kind and intelligent person that Kaling is — I'm just going to cut this short because basically, he said everything I say during my morning mantra of worshipping Mindy Kaling.

It's pretty awesome that these two actors are coming together on The Mindy Project, not just for comedy's sake (because it's going to be great), but also because they both respect the other's work so much that you can almost feel the love.

Images: Mindy Kaling/Instagram