Diana Colton, NYU Sophomore, Has Sex With James Deen On Camera And This Is What It's Like

Meet Diana Colton*, New York University sophomore who has sex with James Deen on camera — and not in that oops-someone-leaked-our-sex-tape way a la Farrah Abraham. Last year, Colton made her dream (and many people's dreams) of hooking up with the porn star come true when she filled out an application on Deen's website. Yes, filling out a basic online application turned into them having sex on camera in his hotel on Valentine's Day.

Cosmopolitan recently talked with Colton, who has now filmed with the king of porn twice. While she won't make a career out of it (or film with anyone other than Deen), she's certainly proud of her work and loves to share it with people she knows will enjoy it. She even has a few tips for amateurs who want to film scenes with their partners:

Here's what you need to know about how it goes down:

1. They Chill Before Filming

Colton says filming with Deen isn't a date but more like two friends hanging out before they have sex. According to NYU Local, the first time they met up they had brunch (lemon ricotta pancakes, in case you weren't already drooling) and took a walk through Central Park before getting down to biz in Deen's hotel.

2. They Don't Discuss Positions Beforehand

How exactly does it happen, you ask? There's no script or plan of action for the duo. Instead, they just go for it. Colton says she followed his lead at first but then felt comfortable enough to switch positions or give him a blowjob when she wanted. The camera just sort of sits there.

3. He Makes Sure She's Comfortable

Colton says Deen doesn't pressure or rush her. He's funny and goofy, and most importantly, he makes sure she's comfortable.

4. It Hasn't Changed How She Views Sex In Her Personal Life

Colton's sex life IRL? Just the same.

5. Her Friends Support Her

Colton says her family doesn't know about her scenes with Deen but she doesn't think they'd be upset since there's nothing shameful about it. Her friends, however, are pretty jealous.

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*Fake name

Editor's note: Since the publication of this article, James Deen has been accused of sexual assault by several women. He has responded by saying the allegations are false.

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