An Ode To The Badass Women Of 'The Flash'

by Keertana Sastry

What's even more incredible than watching a metahuman with the powers to run faster than the speed of sound saving people in his city? Watching the incredible women around him influence and help him to do so. There's just no way Barry Allen could be as great of a superhero as he is on The Flash without the badass women in his life. Barry has the support of his best friend (and unrequited love) Iris, ridiculously smart friend and teammate Caitlin Snow, new girlfriend Linda Park, and cameos from his Starling City soulmate Felicity. Yup, I'm team Olicity and Team Barry/Felicity. (Side note: is there a shipping name for this union? If not, let's get on this ASAP, Tumblr!)

Considering the amount of amazing women running around Central (and Starling) City, it shouldn't be surprising that there have been a ton of female-fueled badass moments on The Flash. Now it's time to shine a spotlight on those moments. Sometimes the strongest, bravest, and boldest choices aren't the ones made in battle with metahumans or while zipping around looking for crimes to stop. They can come in quieter moments that require tough decisions, sacrifices, and choosing to be a pillar of strength for the rest of the people around you. And for making those choices, I salute the women of The Flash.

Caitlin Snow

I have to start with Caitlin. I mean, hello! She's the best. This woman has been through so much and yet more than keeps it together everyday to help save Central City from the crazy metahumans that her own boss and lab created.

Caitlin had to deal with tragically losing the love of her life, Ronnie, and yet continued to be strong and work with her team for months after — in the very same place where he died. Then she had to deal with the fact that her fiancé was alive, but pushing her away because he was not exactly himself. And if that wasn't enough, she had to handle reuniting with the real Ronnie only to see him run off with Professor Stein to get his new abilities under control. Can the girl catch a break? But all in all, I think this was just part of Caitlin's journey — one that will hopefully land her in a very content place.

Caitlin has proven time and time again that the quietest people can be the strongest, and the most badass. When she's notfighting bad guys inside and outside the lab herself, she's acting as Barry's voice of reason and shoulder to cry on. The importance of her role on The Flash cannot be overstated.

Iris West

Then there's Iris. She wasn't always my favorite character, but when Barry finally revealed how he felt about her, and when she started working at Central City Picture News, she turned over a totally new leaf that made me fall in love with her, too.

Iris found a way to reject Barry that wasn't cruel or awkward or depressing. It was just the way things had to be. I suspect this was an incredibly difficult decision to make, considering how much she must care for him. And yes, she's getting a bit jealous of Linda, Barry's new girlfriend, but that's totally understandable — especially since she and Barry will probably end up together, the way they do in DC Comics.

Still, Iris found a voice beyond just being the girl who was falling for The Flash when she decided to investigate what was happening at S.T.A.R. Labs. Having to investigate her friends can't be fun, but she's desperate for the truth and that makes her awesome. I think once Iris does figure out what's going on, she'll be on Team Flash in a heartbeat and get to show even more of her badass side.

Linda Park

We haven't really gotten to know Linda too well just yet, but I already like her. She's tough, smart, and doesn't play any games. Her most badass moment was showing Barry that she knows what she wants, and isn't going to wait around for him to be ready for her. Go Linda!

Barry seems to be a bit intimidated by her, which I think is totally a good thing, because she'll keep him on his toes. Plus, she's already getting comfortable in Barry's life and becoming close with Barry's friends. There are a few different 'ships for Barry, but there's something about Linda that makes me hope she can stick around.

Felicity Smoak

I know — Felicity is not on The Flash. But she still totally deserves a spot on this list. She was the first person who really showed fans that we could trust Barry and understand who he is when he first showed up on Arrow. She continues to help him with his love problems, concerns about being The Flash, and deepest struggles. She knows him well and obviously has experience whipping sulky heroes into shape. Felicity is hilarious, crazy smart, and adorably awkward and real on top of all that.

She deserves every medal in badassery — all of these women do.

Images: Diyah Pera/The CW; no-one-seesyou-likeido, amused, barryallenxcaitlinsnow, boniferhasty/Tumblr