'Real Housewives Of Melbourne' Gamble Breaux's Boyfriend Isn't Her Boyfriend Anymore But Don't Fret

Gamble Breaux has made a splash down under. Within the first episode of Season 2 of Real Housewives of Melbourne , Gamble has people talking, gossiping behind her back, and already not liking her (Pettifleur was a little too quick to judge in my opinion). And because she's had such an effect on the women so quickly, she is definitely an official Housewife. By Gamble's side on this excursion down Reality TV Road, Gamble is joined by her dog and her boyfriend Rick Wolfee. In the first episode, Gamble and Rick are simply "partners," but good news to those that love love, because Rick and Gamble are now engaged.

Gamble and Rick met the new old fashioned way, eHarmony, around four years ago. The couple seems to be very happy on the show, maybe taking the place of Jackie and Ben's Cute Couple Award from Season 1, and Gamble and Rick want to share their happiness with viewers. How thoughtful of them, right? In the second episode, fans see a very personal and intimate moment between Gamble and Rick as the two discuss their relationship and possible future plans of getting married. So will Gamble say "yes?" Duh!

So what is there to know about Gamble and Rick? Well, from the looks of Gamble's Instagram, we can learn a lot about the blissful couple.

They Have Date Night

Even Gamble dragged her S.O. to see Fifty Shades of Grey.

They Go Out To Eat So Their "Teen" Can Trash The House

Aka, every "teen"s dream come true.

They Spend Time With The Other Housewives

Pettifleur looks thrilled.

They Have Pet Names For Each Other

So Rick's name in Gamble's eyes is "Pup Wolfee" (pronounced "Wolf-E").

They Play Dress Up

Maybe for another murder mystery party theme.

They've Mastered The Humblebrag

Rick is an eye surgeon, and according to Gamble the "best in the biz."

They Go To Glam Events

Because are you really a Real Housewife if you don't go to something with the word "Gala" in the name?

They Also Are Real People

Look, I know this was early on in Gamble's Instagram, but look at the number of "Likes." Stars, they're just like us.

Image: John Tsiavis/Bravo