11 Signs You Are Actually Matt From 'The Vampire Diaries' (Never Take Off That Gilbert Ring!)

Let's hear it for this generation's Xander Harris! (For those of you who haven't experienced the magic of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, two things to note: One, Xander Harris is a character on Buffy, and two, watch Buffy.) The Vampire Diaries ' Matt Donovan is a human who, by some stroke of luck, winds up palling around with some folk who wield magical powers and/or are supernatural beings. (And by another stroke of luck, he is, against all odds, one of the only humans on the show who has not only remained a human-human, but has managed to stay alive. That Matt Donovan is not superhuman, but he most certainly is a super human, amirite?)

If you are reading this, I assume it's because you want to figure out whether or not you fill the Matt role in your clique of friends. It's a totally important question we must all ask ourselves at least once — and just like we may not all be able to call ourselves supernatural beings, not all of us can call ourselves the Matt Donovan of our friend group. I do hope reading this helps you get closer to your answer.

Here are the signs you are the Matt Donovan of your group of friends:

Your BFF gave you an antique ring and told you to wear it all of the time.

He/she said it’s showerproof, so there really isn't any reason to take it off ever. When you asked what the occasion was, he/she stammered that he/she thought it “would… uh… match… uh… most of your shirts. Just make sure you wear it 24/7, OK?”

Some of your friends get REALLY twitchy at the sight of blood

Not queasy, exactly. Just, uh, worked up?

You've fallen for multiple vampires

Hey, it happens, right?

You have at least one pal who always turns down plans whenever there is a full moon.

It also happens!

When hanging out at someone’s house for the first time, most of your buddies wait outside the front door until they are invited inside.

One night, you joked to them about the etiquette class they must’ve taken. You’re pretty sure you didn’t imagine all of them narrowing their eyes at you at the same time.

Your friends sat you down and told you they are vampires, witches, and werewolves. One friend said he/she is a werewolf-vampire hybrid.

When you asked how that happened, he/she said, "Long story."

You are a very nice, very loyal, and very mortal human.

A human whose life has been saved by your supernatural friends many, many times.

Your buddies keep bags of blood in their refrigerators.

For, uh... science class?

You've seen at least one of your pals move inanimate objects.

Like, with his/her mind!

Your friends never follow what Google Maps suggests.

When you questioned this, one friend told you it's because "some cities are protected by anti-magic spells. If we drive through any of them, it'll kill us.

Your friends heal waaaaay faster than you do.

Like, faster than the time it takes to find a bandage.

If you identify with at least two of the above, congratulations! You are totally the Matt Donovan of your friends. Keep cheatin' death, you human!

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