It’s the Year of Matt Donovan, 'TVD'

I’m just going to come right out and say it: Sometimes being mortal is the absolute worst. For one thing, you’re seriously lacking in the supernatural powers department (unless we’re counting the ability to watch the entire season of Orange Is the New Black in one sitting as some kind of superpower). But it’s not just about what humans aren’t capable — it’s also about what they ARE capable of… like dying. Human beings like The Vampire Diaries ' Matt Donovan are extremely fragile creatures and I’d like to plead the case to make Mystic Falls’ resident bar hunk a full-fledged vampire during TVD ’s sixth season. Yup, I went there.

Of course, that’s not to say that being immortal automatically guarantees a character’s continued survival — though this series has made quite the habit of bringing long-lost characters back from the dead. Not that we’re complaining, mind you. (Long live Alaric!) It just seems that, in general, you’re at a much greater risk of death if you still need to rely on things like food and breathing in order to survive. And poor Matt has been sitting on the mortality sidelines for far too long. It’s time for Julie Plec to take the next step and make him an official member of the Vampire Hunk Club.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to join that club? (If you didn’t raise your hand then you’re totally lying.) And no one is more than deserving of this esteemed honor than Matt Donovan. For starters…

He’s Way Overdue for an Interesting Storyline

Let’s face it, poor Matt has never had an exciting plot twist throughout his entire run on the show — which spans through all five seasons, mind you. The whole being-possessed-by-a-Traveler storyline had some serious potential last year, but unfortunately, it ended up not really going anywhere, which felt like a complete disservice to his character. It’s time to give this guy the spotlight for a change and allow Zach Roerig the chance to stretch out those beautiful acting chops of his.

Matt's Compelling Capabilities Could Rival Damon’s

Talk about Sophie’s Choice! It’s hard to imagine anyone going up against the likes of the Smolderholder, but given that there’s a serious possibility that Damon will return to The Vampire Diaries as a human (which would be terrible, by the way), we’re going to need a new vamp to take up the reigns in the ways of compelling. And Matt’s baby blues may be just what the doctor ordered.

Elena and Matt 'Shippers May Get a Reprieve

Does this ‘shippers category still even exist anymore? It’s hard to say given that we haven't really seen these two be a couple other than in pure flashback form. But if you 'shippers are still out there then this could be your chance at a major comeback. It could start by Elena helping Matt come to terms with his transition… they share a blood bag or two… one thing leads to another and presto — Malena (sure, why not?) is back in action! The same could be said for Matt and Caroline ‘shippers, though Steroline may be taking top priority next season, so I wouldn’t hold out too much hope on that one.

He Won’t Be Alone Anymore

Vicki is dead (like for real this time); his parents are MIA; and Rebekah is off raising Klaus’ baby. Basically, Matt has no one outside of his supernatural friends. Granted, Jeremy is still technically human, but even he has his Hunter abilities, so I’m still counting that as a slight advantage over the average human. Why not give Matt a few supernatural capabilities of his own? With all the pain and suffering he’s gone through, he’s more than earned it. Plus, I just can’t bear to watch this guy cry anymore. It's downright heartbreaking.

He Could Be Alaric’s New Drinking Buddy

Being a vampire means your alcohol tolerance goes way, way up. And since Damon’s future is still hanging in the balance, Alaric — who is back to being a series regular — may need someone to help drown his sorrows in a bottle of Bourbon. (Be honest, you love the idea of this potential bromance.) Bottoms up, boys!

We Won’t Have to Worry About Him Dying as Much

That Gilbert ring may offer a little protection, but it’s nothing compared to how he’d be able to protect himself if he was a vampire. The speed, the strength, the fangs… it’s all part of an uncharted territory that fans would be more than happy to watch Matt sink his teeth into… literally.

There’s No Such Thing as Too Many Hot Vamps

I rest my case.

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