Brandi Slapped Lisa V. On 'RHOBH'

When the trailer for Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was released, we all only had one question: Who slapped Lisa Vanderpump? Shortly after the trailer was released, Lisa V. revealed it was her frenemy Brandi Glanville who did the deed. Now four months later, we finally got to see the slap heard 'round the world, and boy oh boy was it well worth the wait.

In the beginning of the episode, it kind of seemed like things between Lisa V. and Brandi were returning back to normal to their pre-fight friendship status. They laughed and made dirty jokes. It was great. Was it something in the Amsterdam air (cough cough marijuana cough cough)? Was it the fact that they hadn't shared any drama on the trip so far? Or were they actually becoming friends again?

Well, all of that speculation was for naught because any goodwill they had toward one another disappeared as if it never existed in the first place. Awww, pity.

After they argued about everything during their opposite of a pleasure cruise, everyone seemed in good spirits after they went around the table making up compliments about one another. Yeah, like they were in summer camp or something. As everyone got off the boat, the inevitable Love Boat jokes popped up, which inspired Brandi to act like she was on the '70s TV show with Lisa V. Man, first Brandi attempts to act out a soap opera scene with Eileen Davidson and now this? Do they give out Best Actress Emmy Awards for reality shows?

But back to Brandi's Love Boat reenactment with Lisa V., who was just trying desperately to get off the boat while all of this was going down. Bless her little British heart. First, Brandi tried to kiss Lisa V., but when that didn't work, she wanted Lisa V. to slap her. However, after Lisa V. repeatedly declined that tantalizing invitation into Brandi's fight club, Brandi just went ahead and slapped her.

Brandi does a lot of instantly regrettable things without thinking first, but this was not OK. This was so not OK. It didn't seem to be a very strong, powerful, or painful slap, but assault is still assault, even if it's a joke.

Surprisingly, Lisa V. was pretty calm about the whole thing when it happened. She didn't slap Brandi back or even yell at her. She just said, calmly but sternly, "No, no. That's wrong," as if talking to a child. Since Brandi is basically one, that was actually the appropriate response.

The morning after, Lisa V. told Kyle Richards what went down on the boat after everyone left, while Brandi gave Yolanda Foster the scoop. Both of them were rightfully appalled. I'm not surprised Lisa V. chose to tell Kyle about the slap though because she's been scorned by Brandi as well this season, which makes her an easy ally to pick up and help her deal with Brandi. The battle lines are getting more clearly drawn every week, and now I'm just waiting for the final showdown to begin.

Images: Nicole Weingart/Bravo; realitytvgifs/Tumblr (2)