15 Pi Day-Inspired Items To Get You Ready For A Nerd-Tastic Celebration On March 14

For years, people — you can call us nerds or geeks, if you want to — have celebrated Pi Day on 3/14 (remember pi is usually rounded to 3.14), and this Pi Day marks a once in a lifetime event since it will be 3/14/15. But you don't have to be a world class mathematician to get in on the fun — all you have to do is show a little pi pride. Whether it's on your walls, in the classroom, or on your body, here are 15 awesome ways to flaunt your love for your favorite mathematical symbol.

by Emily Kelley

Pi Day Shirt

Rock this Pi Day of the Century shirt at all your Pi Day parties!

Pi Day 2015 T-Shirt, $19.90,

3.14 Bracelet

This bracelet is so cute that your teacher might not even call it cheating if you wore it to class.

Pi 3.14 Stamped Bracelet, $13,

Pi Day Buttons

Now you and your friends can identify yourselves as proud math nerds — and let everyone at the bar know why you’re so excited.

Pi Day Buttons, $1.50,

Pi Cookie Cutter

Math is always more fun with cookies!

Pi Symbol Cookie Cutter, $5.50,

Pi Wall Clock

It’s pi time you bought this clock (sorry, not sorry).

Once in a Century Pi Clock, $22.99,

Pi Earrings

These little studs are perfect for celebrating Pi Day in style.

Pi Stud Earring Pair, $20,

Pi Symbol Shirt

I love this shirt because the symbol is made up of the numbers (not all, obviously, but a lot) in pi. So clever.

Pi T-shirt, $24,

Pi Mathematicians Print

Not only is this a cool piece of pi wall art, but the words that make up the symbol are names of famous mathematicians!

Mathematician Pi Typography Print, $16,

Pi Shot Glass

So many pi jokes, so little time. Speaking of which, every time someone says a pi pun, take a shot.

Pi Shot Glass, $5,

Pi Pie Pan

You guys — it’s a pi pan for pie. How could you not want this?

Pi Pie Pan, $15,

Pi Necklace

I actually own two necklaces from this seller, and this pi one is very tempting.

Pi Symbol Necklace, $9.99,

Pi Notebook

You’re going to ace that test if you’re taking notes in this cool notebook (also, you should definitely study said notes).

Pi Chalkboard Notebook, $6.12,

Pi Decimal Print

I love the vintage style of this print. It looks like something that could have hung in the mathematician’s department of a university back in the day.

Pi Wall Art Poster, $7.74,

Come to the Nerd Side Shirt

The shirt does not lie — us nerd have lots of pi.

Come to the Nerd Side We Have Pi T-Shirt, $15,

3.14 Pencils

You’ll be able to memorize the first 40 decimals or so of pi with these pastel pencils.

3.14 Pi Pencils, $8,