Lady Gaga Picks Tony Bennett For Wedding Singer, So This Ceremony Will Probably Be More Glam Gaga, Than Meat Dress Gaga

Lady Gaga has never been one to skimp on the details. Whether it's her music, her fashion, or her ever-changing image, she has always paid close attention to every last feature. So why would her wedding be any different? Though she got engaged less than a month ago, Lady Gaga has already picked Tony Bennett as the singer for her wedding.

Bennett, who is Gaga's good friend and often her music collaborator, confirmed the news to the New York Post by saying Gaga and her fiancé Taylor Kinney invited him to perform for their nuptials and "of course," he will grant their wish. Beyond that, Bennett did not divulge any many further details about the upcoming wedding, which will reportedly take place at Gaga's Malibu home at some point this year. But he did say something that fans probably already knew about the big day. "All I know is, knowing Lady Gaga, it will be fabulous," he said.

Bennett, who is a legend in his own right, would probably be a dream come true addition to any "fabulous" wedding. And it makes sense that she chose him, especially considering their close friendship. He is really the perfect choice for Gaga's happy day, for more reasons than one. Read on to see why.

The two are already BFF status


Bennett and Gaga have sang many a song together and have linked arms on many a red carpet, and now have even shared Grammys together, as seen in the photo above. But the pair's bond is more than just a fancy photo-op. Gaga looked back on her Cheek to Cheek jazz partner fondly by telling Rolling Stone, "I found a friend. Not only do we spend a lot of time together and make music, but we talk. It's been an incredible experience all the way around." Bennett showed Gaga some love in Rolling Stone as well, by comparing her to Picasso as well as jazz star Ella Fitzgerald. High praise!

They have made beautiful music together

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Friendship aside, the two sound nothing short of magical when they perform together onstage. Though at first they seemed like an unlikely pairing, they have received high praise for their simple, stripped performances together. Considering the success of Cheek to Cheek, there is no doubt that Bennett will do their work together justice when he takes the stage solo to celebrate his musical partner.

Bennett approves of Gaga's fiancé

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“She’s marrying a very wonderful man, very talented and very handsome. I think he’s going be highly successful in films," Bennett told the New York Post in the same interview. "He’s a very nice person.” It's great that Bennett is happy for his friend and that he's had the chance to get to know her love a little better. It will make it all the more meaningful when he sings for them as opposed to him singing for someone he doesn't know well.

Bennett's sound blends effortlessly with Gaga's new style

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In case you haven't noticed, Gaga has hung her meat dress up to dry for the time being. In recent times, she has traded in much of her signature eccentric style in favor of more old Hollywood glamour as part of her ever-evolving image. And if anyone is old Hollywood glamour, it's Bennett with his deep, crooning voice. It wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility that Gaga's wedding dress would have that same feel!

Gaga will be at her best around her two "T's"

Enough said. We will have to stay tuned to hear more about Gaga's big day!

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