Who's Singing At Courteney Cox's Wedding?

It's going to be a wedding filled with family and music. According to Us Weekly, Courteney Cox's daughter Coco will sing at her mom's wedding to Snow Patrol musician Johnny McDaid. Per a source who spoke with the outlet, Coco "is taking singing lessons" so she is fully prepared for her mom's wedding when it takes place in Ireland. Apparently, Coco found inspiration from Cox's fiancé, because he possesses musical talent. "She's inspired by Johnny and will perform at the wedding," the insider said.

Also, I guess Coco is super excited for her mom to tie the knot and can't help but join in on the planning. As Cox told Us, "She spends so much time thinking about the wedding, I'm letting it be her thing!" Well, I'm sure Coco will do a wonderful job singing at her mom's nuptials and probably makes one fantastic helper.

All this singing talk got me thinking: what do you think Monica would have sung at her wedding to Chandler on Friends ? Knowing her, she'd have a strict song list that she wouldn't deviate from. Plus, no one else would probably be able to sing — only her. We all remember Monica planning her wedding, not to mention Phoebe's wedding to Mike, right? Yeah, you could she was a hardcore wedding planner.

With that said, here are a few songs I think Monica would have chosen — and totally rocked.

"The Way You Look Tonight"

Even though Janice sang this to Chandler on that mixtape he "made" Monica for Valentine's Day, it was still one of Monica's favorites.

"A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock 'n Roll"

Yep, a sibling duet with Ross and Monica would have totally happened — and so would have a "routine."

"Shake Your Groove Thing"

A wedding isn't a wedding without some sweet dance music. Enter Monica and this jam we've seen her dance to before.

"Delta Dawn"

Duh. There's no way Monica would have a wedding without Miss Delta Dawn.

In addition to McDaid, Coco might want to also look to her mother for some song tips.