15 Thoughts You Have During A Drastic Hair Change

by Eliza Castile

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who grow out of changing up their look every few weeks after high school, and those who have to set aside a budget for hair dye every month. Even the most consistent person sometimes gets the itch for a new style every once in a while, though, whether it's after a breakup, a big life change, or out of plain old boredom. Sure, you might hit up Pinterest first for easy ways to change your hair without a commitment, but eventually demi-permanent dye and faux-bobs just aren't enough. You start casually browsing the hair color department of every store in a five mile radius. You find yourself spending way too much time staring longingly at photos of the street style of Fashion Week. You can't help picturing yourself with Nicole Richie's purple locks, or chopping off your mane a la Emma Watson post Harry Potter. If they can pull it off, why can't you?Suddenly, you've made an appointment with a salon, and although you might be having second thoughts, you're determined to see it through. Your mom didn't raise a quitter, dammit! So after you've calmed down from a frantic call to your best friend, you mentally prepare yourself and head over to the salon, or your sister's kitchen sink if you're the DIY type. Even if you're an old pro at switching up your look, you'll still recognize the following thoughts everyone has when they make a drastic hair change. Trust me, I would know.

1. "This is going to be so great."

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Duh. You're so going to look just like Emma Stone when this is over. Maybe her success will magically rub off on you, too, and you'll come into a bunch of money. You never know.

2. "Why is the stylist asking me so many questions?"

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If you're at a salon, the stylist will probably be seriously interrogating you about exactly what style you're going for. In reality, it's because she just wants to make sure you're ready to chop off 80 percent of your hair, but instead it leads to...

3. "Oh my god, is it going to look bad?"

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Is the stylist quizzing me this much because she's trying to talk me out of it? I thought it would make me look like Emma Stone, but what if she thinks I'll look like Carrot Top instead? I don't want to look like Carrot Top.

4. "Oh god oh god oh god."

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When you finally get down to business and the scissors and/or hair dye come out, the only thing going through your head is sheer terror.

5. "This is happening. It's really happening."

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Once the first cut is made, it's begun. There's no going back. Well, maybe, but it would probably look weird.

6. "Hey, it's actually looking pretty cute."

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Even with just a third of your hair done, you already like the change for the sheer novelty of it.

7. "I totally look like Emma Stone."

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You're looking just like you pictured you would, and it's only halfway done!

8. "Wait. What's happening?"

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Suddenly, you're breaking out into a cold sweat because you caught a glimpse of the small mountain of hair piling up around your feet.

9. "What have I done?!"

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Most of your hair is in pieces on the floor, and you just realized you won't be able to get your hair into your signature literally-just-woke-up topknot anymore. Alternatively: if you're dyeing your hair, the dye is way darker than you expected. What if it turns out black like that time in 10th grade??

10. "Just breathe."

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If Jennifer Lawrence can go from Katniss to her regular blonde multiple times a year, you can do this. It'll be fine.

11. "Hey, it actually looks like a hair style."

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Your hair is abruptly super cute, even though it's still wet.

12. "So glad I didn't leap out of my chair and make a break for the door."

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I mean, not that the thought crossed your mind or anything. Haha. Ha.

13. "Who's that hottie in the mirror?"

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It's done. You stuck it out, and your new hair is absolutely fabulous.

14. "It's so Emma Stone."

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The receptionist just said you look like a celebrity, and you could tell he totally meant Emma Stone.

15. "This is going to be so great."

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You were right all along. Even if it's terrifying, changing up your hair makes you feel like a new person. Now go show it off to the world, hottie!

Images: Giphy, andiwaslikewut/whitegirlflow/ineedthisforreactions/gripdeantightandraisehim/so-obsessed-with-me/Tumblr