What Your Favorite 'PLL' Lady Says About You

By Kaitlin Reilly

If you're not even a little obsessed with Pretty Little Liars, I'm not sure how to talk to you. This ABC Family mystery series is everything, and it's almost impossible not to get hooked on all of the insane drama. From A's creepy texts to the major reveals to the steamy romances, there's plenty to love about this show — and believe me, I love it all. But while fans may watch to see what mayhem A will wreak on Rosewood this week, the real reason that we've all stuck with the show so long as way more to do with the Pretty Little Liars characters themselves. Spencer, Aria, Emily, Hanna, and even Alison make this show worth watching, and without the blending of their unique personas, this show wouldn't be nearly as entertaining.

You can claim to be an equal opportunity liar lover, but admit it — you totally have your favorite of the five leads. Whether you obsess over Aria's accessories or Hanna's smart comebacks, there's always that liar that you see a bit more of yourself in than the others. And that's perfectly OK — even A has a favorite. (It's Emily, FYI.) So forget horoscope signs — your favorite little liar has way more to say about your personality. Here's what loving each liar says about you:


You like to march to the beat of your own drum, but prefer to do so solo rather than force your own thoughts and ideas on others. You get a little too wrapped up in your own inner-monologue sometimes, which can distract you from the big picture. (Like, for example, A trying to hunt down your friends.) Like all of the liars you are fiercely loyal, but your family bonds are strongest — even if they sometimes let you down. You're a hopeless romantic in many ways but that's because you see the beauty in many people, not just one. (If you lived in Aria's world, there's no way you'd be able to choose between Ezra, Jake and Andrew.) You can be indecisive at times but hold onto your convictions strongly.


You may have been a follower in the past, but now, you are so over playing by other people's rules. People may have let you down, but you're determined not to do what they did to you to other people. You're loyal to a fault, and though you might not always be sugary-sweet, your friends know that they can rely on you for anything. You may be a touch insecure, but you're working on it, and know how to play it cool when you need to. Luckily, you always try to surround yourself with friends who don't fault you for not playing it cool. You may venture into hot mess territory on occasion, but you don't beat yourself up too badly for it.


People may say you're quiet, but that doesn't mean you're shy or uppity. You just prefer to choose your words carefully before they come out. You tend to be the voice of reason among your friends, but that can change when you're particularly passionate about the thing you're discussing. You want to believe that people can change, and are disappointed when people you trust let you down. You'd rather be in a relationship than date around but believe in protecting your heart above all else. You're not afraid to go after what you want, and people might be surprised by how ambitious you can be.


You're supposed to be the smart and together one of your friends, but only you know how untrue that can sometimes be. You have your head on straight, but your passionate streak sometimes overtakes your more logical side. You tend to be more at ease with an older crowd, perhaps because of your innate maturity. You're a born leader and aren't afraid to be "bossy," but you know when to ask for help. Your friends mean the world to you, so much so that you'd sometimes rather protect them than tell them the truth. You are a hardcore romantic but would laugh off the notion if anyone ever asked. You are constantly at war with your desires and your obligations.


You are special. No one has to tell you that in order for you to know it's true. Some people might say you're a touch manipulative, but you say that it's not your fault some people are so easy to control. You have very strong ideas about how the world should be and you constantly butt heads with people whose opinions don't align nicely with your own. You are charming and always at ease with a crowd. You don't believe that you have to choose between being loved or being feared — the only way to have lasting power is to be both. It's hard to get to know you because being vulnerable isn't something you're comfortable with. You can be a touch narcissistic, but only because you're really that awesome — or so you think, anyway.

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