'Pretty Little Liars' Season 5 Spoilers Hint at a Hot New Guy & a Surly Nurse

Get ready to see some new characters on Season 5 of Pretty Little Liars . According to E!, the ABC Family drama will be adding some fresh faces to the cast in the ninth episode of Season 5. The episode "March of Crimes" (previously reported as "Scream For Me," which will be the title of the eighth episode in Season 5) will feature two new PLL characters — a "surly nurse," and a "super-hot horseback riding instructor named Patrick." Color me intrigued.

Though there is no word yet on what the reported new PLL characters will be doing in Season 5, we can speculate on how these characters might fit in to the storyline. A hot new horseback riding instructor could very well be a new love interest for one of the little liars, but given that the liars are (mostly) taken at this point, he might end up being a minor flirtation for the girls. Which girl is most likely to take the reins when it comes to hanging out with the new hot guy in Rosewood? We already know from Season 1's horseback riding disaster that Hanna isn't exactly the best equestrian — could she need Patrick to teach her a thing or to? Then again, horseback riding has always been more of Spencer's game — is Spencer looking to get back in the saddle? (And what would Toby think of this hot new instructor?)

Then there's the "surly nurse" situation. We already know that Ezra survives the gunshot wound, but given that the nurse doesn't show up until the ninth episode it seems unlikely that Ezra would remain in the hospital for such an extended period of time. Where else could a nurse show up? I'm thinking that this nurse might be part of the staff of everyone's least favorite mental institution: Radley Sanitarium. And if we're going back to Radley in Season 5, things are definitely not looking up for the little liars.

Patrick and the nurse aren't the only new faces you'll see in Season 5 of the ABC Family mystery. Chloe Bridges has joined the cast as Sydney, a new member of the Rosewood swim team. Bridges will show up in the third episode of the new season.

Can't wait to watch it all go down when the new season premieres June 10 at 8PM on ABC Family.

Image: ABC Family