Miley Cyrus Raps About Molly and Twerking on New French Montana Track, Because Of Course

I'm not sure if it should even be breaking news that Miley Cyrus is rapping now, because it just seems like one of those things that's known — like, the sky is blue, the grass is green, gravity exists, and Miley Cyrus is rapping about twerking. See, it's not even shocking? But since there undoubtedly will be people shocked by there, here you go: Miley Cyrus is rapping on French Montana's new remix for "Ain't Worried About Nothin'," and the whole track leaked. Parent groups everywhere are freaking out too, probably, because Cyrus is rapping about things like Molly and twerking. Disney execs are maybe having aneurysms.

A snippet of this very remix was actually released a while ago, but it's the first time we're hearing the whole thing — complete with its lyrics like, "acting like a little southern girl, now I'm twerking like I grew up in Atlanta." Except Cyrus grew up in Tennessee, Toronto, and Los Angeles. Close enough? She also talks about how she has "three thick girls" in her video, and how everyone needs to wait until her album drops because THEN THEY'LL SEE. (To be fair, the album is doing well with sales.)

Anyway, you can check out Miley rapping below.

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