18 Weird Drake Products Every Superfan Should Buy, Because Who Doesn't Need A Drake Flask? — PHOTOS

I love me some Drake. I love when Drake releases a new album. I love quoting Drake lyrics. I love the memes. I really just love anything and everything Drake-related. With that said, there are plenty of ways to express your Drake fandom. You don't have to stop at buying albums, going to concerts, and liking Instagram photos. There are so many Drake items for you to buy. And I'm not just talking about -tshirts with album art.

Check out these 18 unique gifts for the Drake fans in your life. You can buy everything from balloons to mugs to prayer candles — yes, I said prayer candles.

by Marenah Dobin

Drake Tears Coffee Cup

Drink up your feelings at breakfast, lunch, and dinner with this “100% Drake Tears” coffee mug. It’s even written in the same font as the If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late album cover.

Image: darlingBhuman/Etsy

"Worst Behavior Banner"

Looking to set the tone for a party or pregame situation? This banner inspired by the Drake hit song “Worst Behavior” is the perfect decoration. Plus the letters are covered in glitter.

Image: GIRLBYE/Etsy

Drake Balloons

Your special event will “go from 0 to 100 real quick” if you decorate the place with these Drake balloons. Don’t pop them though, you don’t want to deflate his self esteem.

Image: laurenjadejewelry/Etsy

Saint Drake Prayer Candle

Drake was all about that “YOLO” lifestyle, but this prayer candle weirdly immortalizes Drake as a saint. Could this be an ode to Drake’s new song “6 God”?

Image: Illuminidol/Etsy

Drake Earrings

If you can’t get Drake to whisper sweet nothings in your ear, these earrings are the closest you can get. Plus you could get away with saying, “Started from the bottom, now we ear.”

Image: celoberities/Etsy

"Nothing Was The Same" Knee Socks

These knee socks look just like the two different album covers for Nothing Was The Same with Drake and baby Drake staring off into the abyss. On a side note, baby Drake looks just like Blue Ivy Carter.

Image: JaysApparel/Etsy

Gold Pendant Cameo Necklace

Keep the rapper close to your heart and show off your love for Drake with this cameo necklace.

Image: exgirlfriends/Etsy

"I'm The Girl Drake Is Crying About In His Songs" T-Shirt

Every time I listen to a Drake song, I just wish I was the girl he was singing about. I’m still holding out hope, but in the meantime I can just wear this shirt and pretend it’s true.

Image: Umbuh/Etsy

Drake Emoji Flask

I would like to think that I understand all Drake memes and jokes, but this one is lost on me. Why is Drake’s face on top of the dancing girl emoji? And why is that on a flask?

Image: SoBadAsh/Etsy

Drake Crop Top

Crop tops are in again and loving Drake is a trend that will never die. Combine the two with this white crop top just in time for spring.

Image: TheVelvetParty/Etsy

Drake Key Chain

You can sing “Just hold on, we’re going home” as you turn the key to get into your place if you add this Drake key chain to your key ring.

Image: SassyStickers/Etsy

Lyric Plate

Eat every meal with a side of Drake. This plate has lyrics from Drake’s new song “6 Man”: “Fieri in the kitchen. I’m a magician.”

Image: darlingBhuman/Etsy

Lap Dance Painting

I will never be able to unsee that Drake lap dance scene in Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” music video. I might as well get a painting of the iconic moment.

Image: AlexandraChloeArt/Etsy

Wine Glass

If you’re already planning to drink, cry, and listen to Drake’s music, you might as well sip out of a Drake wine glass to complete your night.

Image: LoveGoodThings/Etsy

Hanukkah Card

Celebrate Drake’s Jewish heritage with this “Happy Hanukkah” greeting card.

Image: Instagrandmaw/Etsy

Nail Decals

Decorate each nail with a Drake decal or hand them out to your friends to get the “whole squad on that real s–t.”

Image: DopeDigits/Etsy

Drake Buttons

If you are looking to add a subtle touch of Drake to your wardrobe, add a Drake button to your jean pocket or to accent your lapel.

Image: twolamegirls/Etsy

Baby Onesie

This is the perfect gift for any infant Drake fans in your life. It’s a cute play on the lyrics “Started from the bottom, now we here.”

Image: NerdCollection/Etsy