Drake Might Break The Internet With This Surprise

So, serious question: Is "pulling a Beyoncé" and releasing a surprise album going to become, like, a real thing in the music industry right now? I get that it's all edgy and shocking to just drop an album with no warning — not to mention trendy and cool, because Queen Bey did it first, and anything she does immediately becomes a trend the world approves of — but seriously, as a spokesperson for entertainment journalists around the world, at least a five minute warning or something would be cool, because I don't know how many more times I can handle being so shocked by a major musician dropping an entire album in the middle of the night. Beyoncé did it and I nearly had a heart attack, and now, Drake? "True life, I'm 23, and the new Drake album release gave me a coronary." (Yeah, if you haven't guessed by now, Drake just dropped a surprise album titled If You're Reading This It's Too Late , and I'm having a little trouble dealing with it.)

Anyway, my feelings of shock about this aren't important: Let's get to talking about the album! It's currently available in full on iTunes, and was announced late Thursday by Drake himself with one, cryptic tweet:

It features a whopping 17 songs, and collaborations with artists like Lil' Wayne (on "Used To") and Travi$ Scott (on "Company"). It's his latest album since 2013's (amazing) Nothing Was The Same, and will probably be heard playing on repeat soon all around the world. It's Drake! This is a big deal. Honestly, in addition to the new short film we all got from him earlier today, my mind is pretty much about to implode from Drake awesomeness, and I am totally OK with it.