Obama's Take On The Hillary Email Scandal

He may be the man of the hour, but as 2016 inches ever closer, President Obama is well aware that he will have to pass the proverbial crown to the next democratically elected leader of the United States. And while many of us are hoping desperately for Hillary Clinton to be the next to sit in the Oval Office, the recent controversy surrounding her email usage has become ammunition for the unending barrage of attacks against the former Secretary of State. On Thursday, Obama addressed the Hillary Clinton email scandal on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and was, as can only be expected of a politician, diplomatic in his approach.

After explaining that he does not text, but rather only emails (on his Blackberry, no less), Obama was asked if he was in possession of Clinton's email address. Chuckling, the president responded to Kimmel's cheeky query with a quick zinger of his own, saying "I don't have it. I don't think she'd want you to have it." Touche, Mr. President.

A true testament to the times we live in, Clinton's latest email scandal is by no means her first — in fact, it seems that all of her digital correspondence has been, at some point, the subject of a congressional hearing, from Benghazi to this most recent incident. In the last few days,the former Senator has drawn fire for choosing to use a private domain for both her official and personal emails while at the State Department.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images News/Getty Images

At a press conference on Tuesday, Clinton made the unusual decision to address the controversy head on, explaining,

I opted for convenience to use my personal email account, which was allowed by the State Department, because I thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal emails instead of two. Looking back, it would have been better if I'd simply used a second email account and carried a second phone, but at the time, this didn't seem like an issue.

Critics, however, say that her decision was a strategic one, and gave Clinton far too much latitude in terms of choosing which specific emails to reveal to the State Department, and which to keep private.