Josh McDermitt's 'TWD' Spoilers Are Troubling

by Danielle Santola

There are only two episodes left before the 90-minute finale of The Walking Dead' s jam-packed fifth season and the action isn't about to get any easier on the fans. Theories have been flooding the Internet like crazy since we lost Beth midseason. Who's next? What the heck is Alexandria? Where's Morgan? Well according to The Walking Dead spoilers from Josh McDermitt, who plays the brainy non-scientist Eugene Porter on the show, even more questions are about to be raised, but some answers are on their way. Seeking those answers, I asked McDermitt to tease the rest of the season in emoji form, and you're probably not going to like the emojis he chose.

I dissected the emojis piece by piece and realized McDermitt's text is teasing some crucial moments — without giving too much away — and proves he means it when he says more questions will be raised. According to McDermitt, we can't totally go by Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comic books, because the show has strayed from them so much already. So if you're freaking out about what you've heard happens next in the comics, there's still hope. Though McDermitt does say that this Alexandria place will be just as sketchy in the TV series as it is in the comics.

Here’s the creative emoji spoiler McDermitt shared, followed by some of the ways we can interpret it.

Unless The Skull Is A Walker, Someone's Going To Die Very Soon

We can no longer be surprised when a character we love dies at the end of a season of The Walking Dead. Absolutely no one is safe. In this case, AMC saved room for a 90-minute finale on March 29 and McDermitt confirmed that we should be ready for some action. And based on that final, ominous emoji, we should probably start preparing for a death.

Unfortunately, That's A South Korean Flag

In a previous episode, Glenn mentioned that he is Korean, so the flag could be referring to him. If that's the case, we seriously cannot catch a break on this show. First Beth Greene and now possibly Glenn? Maybe by some miracle he doesn't die, and simply has a really big episode coming up. Or maybe McDermitt was using it as a white flag, suggesting someone will surrender soon, and Glenn is totally safe (fingers crossed for this option).

If Someone Dies, It Won't Be By Walkers

The gun could mean that another walker attack is coming, but I doubt that. I'm thinking a fight is about to go down between Rick's crew and the people of Alexandria, and it's not going to end well.

Christmas In March?

I can't for the life of me figure out how the tree, the Santa, and the gift play into all of this, but McDermitt obviously didn't use three Christmas emojis by accident. The Walking Dead group hasn't seen winter since the end of Season 2, so a Christmas is possible. But they were also caught in a swelter only a few weeks ago, so who knows. Maybe it'll be a make-shift Christmas party that turns into a full-out battle.

Unless The Santa Is Glenn

This is a long shot, but bear with me. In the comics, Glenn is killed while on a run for supplies. Maybe the gift represents the supplies and Glenn, as the runner, is Santa, the man who brings the gifts? We'll have to wait and see what all these emojis actually add up to.

Images: Gene Page/AMC; Giphy (5)