"Murder She Look" Is The Most Important Instagram

I know the idea of 10:30AM lunch paired with a hearty viewing of Murder, She Wrote is the classic sign that you're succumbing to old age. I don't understand, why, though. An early lunch suggests you rose with the chickens—perhaps you even got a lot of important items crossed off your to-do list—which doesn't seem so undesirable. And 1980s murder mystery series Murder, She Wrote follows a fairly badass premise: a mystery writer starts running into a lot of mysterious crime in real life, testing her detective skills. Oh, and she wears fabulous outfits during all the sleuthing. So...why does this show (and early lunch) have such an oldster rep? Honestly, whatever. Let's focus back on the most important part: Murder's visionary fashion displays. One specific Instagram account, Murder She Look , took note of this godly, polyester-heavy work and documents it.

The account collects a spread of screengrabs from the series' 11 seasons, posting them as style inspiration to remind us all how much smarter folks dressed in the mid-'80s. The whole thing has prompted me to make a not-quite-New Year's resolution to include more pastels—especially seafoam green—into my currently all-black roster of clothing options.

If I can get my partner in a similar periwinkle windbreaker and a 11AM burrito on the books, I will be in absolute Heaven. And if you need to look extra fierce, go all-white as represented flawlessly below:

PLUS, oh my goddess—THE HUNKS:

Someone bleach-blonde hold me, please. I can't take this much glamour.

Images: Murder She Wore/Instagram (4)