New 'Age of Adaline' Posters Featuring Blake Lively Are About More Than Meets The Eye — PHOTOS

Let's be real, here: We're all a little bit jealous when it comes to the life and career of Blake Lively. She's a film star and designer who also happens to be married to Ryan Reynolds... and now, in her new movie, she GETS TO BE AGELESS. This is cruel Hollywood, just downright cruel. Lively stars in the upcoming Age of Adaline in the title role of Adaline Bowman — a woman who remains at the age of 29 for nearly 80 years. (I mean, personally, I'm just 28 myself and I'm not quite so sure I'd want to stay here for all eternity, but maybe I'd feel differently about that if I were Blake Lively.) Now, ahead of the film's release, you can see all of Lively's many gorgeous looks from the film in the brand-new Age of Adalineposters that show her character through the decades.

In the film, Adaline's agelessness causes her to hide from others and especially close, personal relationships for fear of hurting anyone. She's quite stubborn on keeping her secret...that is until she meet Ellis Jones played by Michiel Huisman (Nashville, Game of Thrones). Okay, now I'm just offended.

I can't say I blame Adaline for revving her engines back up for Ellis. Not only is he a fine specimen of a man, but he's also a philanthropist. Tall, dark, and charitable is always the best look on a man, no? But, now the question becomes: Will Adaline tell Ellis her ageless secret?

While we'll definitely have to wait until the movie to get the answer to that question, for now, we can take a look at Adaline throughout the years in the film's new posters — and, of course, try to figure out as much as we can about the plot from them.


What the Poster Says: Look at that 1920's speakeasy glamour!

But in Reality: It's far too windy to have a coat open like that!


What the Poster Says: Doesn't she just look like the definition of grace?



What the Poster Says: The war. Oh heavens, the war!

But in Reality: No, that is not Betty Draper.


What the Poster Says: CHEEKBONES.

But in Reality: There's not enough polyester and bad makeup going on here.


What the Poster Says: Adaline joins the Navy!

But in Reality: Who dressed like that in 1996? OH, ADALINE.


What the Poster Says: 2015 isn't so different from the past.

But in Reality: How many Pinterest tutorials did she watch to get that hairstyle on lock? We'll never know.

Images: Lionsgate