The 'OITNB' Stars Are Here To Make Your Day

by Rachel Simon

With snow on the ground and two weeks of March still left, the beginning of summer — and with it, shows like Orange Is the New Black returning to Netflix — often feels like it's still eons away. Yet thankfully, there are ways to make the time go faster, such as appreciating Daylight Savings, shopping for flip-flops, and watching the OITNB cast sing songs in their adorable new video.

In the short clip released by Netflix on Friday, many members of the show's huge ensemble are shown singing along to "Don't Talk to Me," a song by Tre Coast ft. Lycia Faith. It's a nod to a season 2 episode in which Leanne (Emma Myles) introduces the lyrics to her fellow inmates (the scene is shown at the end of the video), and, as one might expect, it's perfect. Each cast member, from Piper to Alex to Red to Suzanne, gets a chance to say a lyric or two, and although some actors are shown to have stronger pipes than others (Samira Wiley kills it), all of them look like they couldn't be having more fun.

The video is just the latest time the OITNB cast has come together in their off-hours to make some musical fun; previous instances have included a song called "Holidays at Litchfield," a medley of Christmas songs from Uzo Aduba and Danielle Brooks, and a dance routine from the ladies of "Ghetto Ward" that can only be described as...unique. Check them all out:

Stop Don't Talk To Me

Every person adds something to this clip, whether it's Natasha Lyonne's in-character rasp to Kate Mulgrew's inability to do her part without cracking up. So, so good.

Holidays at Litchfield

Last December brought fans this holiday-themed clip, sung to the tune of "12 Days of Christmas," and it might be the best video to ever come out of Orange Is the New Black. From Laverne Cox's joyful "10 bitches cutting" to Aduba's throat-clearing, there isn't a moment in the clip that isn't worth celebrating. Happy early holidays, everyone!

Jolly Christmas Medley

In yet another holiday gift to the world, Aduba and Brooks teamed up for "Jolly Christmas Medley," a music video featuring the actresses, plus the band Oh Honey, singing and dancing to several Christmas-themed songs. There was "Joy to the World," "Jingle Bells," and "Silent Night," and thanks to the ladies' gorgeous voices and undeniable friendship, the whole thing was a pleasure to hear.

Ghetto Dorm Sorority Chant

The cliques on Orange aren't just for the characters — according to Adrienne C. Moore (Black Cindy), the cast tends to stick to their groups as well, although for the sake of humor, not segregation. Take the video posted by Brooks, above, showing the members of "Ghetto Dorm" — Brooks, Moore, Aduba, Wiley, and Vicky Jeudy — proudly displaying a synchronized chant and dance. It's strange, funny, and impossible not to like — just like Orange Is the New Black. Can't wait for season 3.

Image: Netflix