Ryan's Daughter Will Get Revenge On Him — One Day

Gather 'round because it's time for your daily dose of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively baby talk. No, I don't mean them using baby talk, but rather talk about their daughter. In an interview with the Associated Press, Reynolds discussed his baby's name and why he and his wife are choosing not to shout it from the rooftops. Yes, Reynolds and Lively are private people, but his reasoning for keeping his baby's moniker on the down low might surprise you.

(Update: On Friday, March 20, Ryan Reynolds confirmed his daughter's name is James Reynolds in an interview with Today.)

He said,

There’s zero secret about it. That little girl will grow up to be a teenager who will find out that I blurted her name out on national television and probably make me pay for it. She will exact her revenge in searing, psychic pain.

Do you think their baby, who is reportedly named James, will seek out revenge just because he unveiled her name in front of the world? I highly doubt it, but I also think Reynolds is just being funny and is using this "excuse" as another way to get around giving details about his child. I can't really blame him.

With that said, Reynolds might want to be less concerned about giving away his daughter's name, because there are many other things she could get revenge on him for. So, yeah, he better start preparing his many apologies. Here are six things Reynolds' daughter will probably be embarrassed about and get revenge on her dad for when she's a teenager, because that's what parenting is all about.

That Time He Talked About Breastfeeding Her

Remember that time Reynolds joked about breastfeeding his daughter? Yeah, I'm pretty sure when she reads that story she'll hide her head in shame and wonder what made him say that.

That Time He Filmed Embarrassing Scenes

Reynolds is no stranger to comedy, which means he films some embarrassing scenes. Once his daughter watches, say Van Wilder, she'll probably never want to see any more of his work.

That Time He Discussed Her In Every Interview Possible

He might be concerned about unveiling her name, but I think his daughter might be more upset about the fact that he gushes about her all the time. Yes, it's adorable and so sweet, but most teens don't want to hear that, right?

That Time He Showed His Abs — A Lot

What teen wants to see his/her father strutting his stuff and showing off his abs in every magazine, all over the Internet, and on the small and big screen? Not to mention, I'm sure Reynolds' daughter doesn't want to hear about how hot her dad is. Talk about embarrassing — for her, that is.

That Time He Said Things Like This

"Dad, this is not funny." Yep, that's what his daughter might say after watching Reynolds give interviews. Plus, she'll probably cringe a little bit and forbid him from doing anymore interviews.

That Time He Gushed About Blake

Reynolds can't help but gush about his wife, and it's beyond adorable. However, when you're a teen you don't want to see your parents be all lovey dovey. Sorry, but she is just going to have to get used to it, because Reynolds and Lively can't help but be super in love.

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