'Buffy's Nicholas Brendon Arrested Again At Another Convention & The Details Don't Sound Good At All

This doesn't sound good. According to TMZ, the former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star best known for his role as Buffy's BFF Xander Harris, Nicholas Brendon, has reportedly been arrested again at another fan convention — which, if the reports are true, is the third time in just the past few months that Brendon has been arrested after a convention. This time, as the gossip site reports, Brendon was allegedly taken into custody in Florida after police were called to his Tallahassee hotel following reports that he was severely intoxicated and trashing his hotel room. Brendon was charged with criminal mischief.

Unfortunately, this incident sounds worryingly similar to previous instances that have led to Brendon bring arrested in the past few months: Back in October 2014, Brendon was charged with two misdemeanor counts in Idaho after getting into some sort of disagreement with staff at his hotel, and, just this past February, he was arrested for trashing a hotel room in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Brendon has admitted to struggling with alcoholism in the past, and publicly announced in 2004 that he was entering rehab in an attempt to overcome his addiction. It's tragic to hear that Brendon is deeply suffering from this addiction, so hopefully he's able to get the help he needs very soon.

Bustle has reached out for comment about the reports, but has yet to hear back.