'Scream Queens' Has A New, Intense Teaser

At this point in (almost — I can hope, anyway) spring of 2015, we know almost nothing about Ryan Murphy's new horror comedy anthology Scream Queens, which strange considering it's due later this year on Fox. What we do know is that basically everyone in the entire acting world has been cast in some kind of role, from Emma Roberts, Ariana Grande, Jamie Lee Curtis, Nick Jonas, Lea Michele and so much more. We also know that the story revolves around a college campus that is hit with a string of gruesome murders. And... well, that's literally all we know. Based off this information, to me, it seems that we should be expecting Ryan Murphy's newest venture to be a mash-up of his old ventures — Glee plus American Horror Story — and to be honest, that alone has me intrigued enough to absolutely want to tune in when the series airs. Now, however, I can say that even moreso after watching the most recent Scream Queens teaser featuring Emma Roberts that was released on Friday the 13th.

Reactions to the teaser have been really positive unsurprisingly — despite the trailer not actually revealing much in terms of plot, most people are just pleased with getting some sort of teaser at all, and others are pumped at the level of mystery and the mixture of funny and scary in the teaser. Overall, it seems fans are just waiting with baited breath to see if Ryan Murphy's newest project will deliver after the great teasers and trailers that it's releasing.

Here's the trailer for reference, entitled "Chanel Bubblegum":

There were these declarative sentences of happiness about the teaser:

The teaser convinced this person that the show could be worth a watch:

This person is cautiously optimistic, which makes a lot of sense:

And finally, Ariana Grande fans are impatient for their star to get her own moment in the Ryan Murphy spotlight:

Image: Fox