A Good Night's Sleep Is Just One Spray Away...

Ever wish the ability to fall asleep quickly and easily came packaged in a bottle? Enter Sprayable Sleep, the world's first ever topical sleep spray. The soon-to-be launched product promises to safely reduce the effects of insomnia and help troubled sleepers finally get some shut-eye — without the chemicals or side effects found with sleeping pills.

Created by the company Sprayable Inc., Sprayable Sleep is made of water, the sleep-regulating hormone melatonin, and a derivative of tyrosine, an amino acid that the body produces naturally and acts as a vehicle for skin absorption. How does it work? Apparently all you have to do is spray a little on your neck an hour before bedtime. The melatonin is then gradually absorbed through your skin and bloodstream (unlike with pills, which go through the digestive system). As it’s absorbed, the solution is supposed to help you fall asleep gently and leave you feeling refreshed — not groggy — when you wake up. Each bottle reportedly holds about a month's worth of better sleep.

As studies have shown time and time again, getting your eight hours of sleep in at night is crucial to both your physical and mental health. But for restless sleepers like me, who can toss and turn for hours, it’s often easier said than done. I’ve long since been envious of other people’s ability to fall asleep, seemingly within seconds of placing their head on a pillow. If Sprayable Sleep works the way it's intended to, it could be the solution that insomniacs and the other seriously sleep-deprived people among us have all been longing for.

For those interested in trying it, the company eventually plans to sell the solution online and potentially at various retailers. In the meantime, here are some other tips and tricks for sleeping like a pro.

Image: puhhha/Fotolia