Stassi Vs. The 'Vanderpump Rules' Cast

by Kayla Hawkins

Stassi Schroeder may have returned to Vanderpump Rules, but she is not in love with her costars. She could not be more distanced from her former life as the head waitress at SUR. But is Stassi right to hate the Vanderpump Rules cast? Or is everything her fault, and she should cut her losses and get out of there? I'd say a combination of both. Some of the cast were clearly wronged by Stassi, and some of them really wronged her. Wrapped up in this cast is one of her ex-boyfriends, a pair of her former best friends, her frenemy, and every single person she used to work with.

She's never been easy to get along with, and she runs her personal relationships like a dictatorship where she's right and everyone else just has to listen. She bosses everyone around, and isn't even intimidated by Lisa Vanderpump herself. Stassi isn't an easy person to deal with, and she returned to the show with a huge ax to grind. But as she went through the cast, fighting with them one by one, let's decide who's in the right in each head-to-head battle, which Vanderpump Rules cast member comes out on top. So let's settle once and for all: Is Stassi right?

Stassi Vs. Scheana: Scheana Wins

Stassi's been a total jerk to Scheana since the beginning trying to get the rest of the ladies to hate her, rally them against her, and run her out of town. So, it's just right that Stassi should end up despised by all while Scheana is the new, happily married queen bee.

Stassi Vs. Katie: Gotta Go With Katie

Stassi claims that she can't "trust" Katie anymore after Katie chose to spend time with Scheana. But Katie shouldn't be obligated to pick between friends, and it's on Stassi to get over this one.

Stassi Vs. Jax: Stassi All the Way

Exes are the worst to deal with no matter what, and if you say, break up but still have to work together, whether it's in an office or on the set of a Bravo reality show, things can get awkward. But Stassi's already moved on enough that she's in an at least somewhat functional relationship. Meanwhile, Jax still seems to be stuck in his old, bad habits, dating multiple girls at once. So because it seems like he hasn't learned anything, I'd say Stassi is well within her rights to sip on some haterade (sorry).

Stassi Vs. Ariana and Tom Sandoval: N/A

Stassi may say she hates the whole cast, but she's never really had a relationship with these two. Therefore, I will give her the benefit of the doubt and say that she has no particular grievance with them. Oh, Tom & Ariana think she's despicable, of course, but that doesn't mean they've battled head-to-head.

Stassi Vs. Tom Schwartz: These Two Seem Cool

Stassi helped Tom get a job with PUMP and Tom called her out for her unresolved Jax feelings, for overstepping her bounds with Katie, and for screaming all the time. I don't know why, but I think these two will be able to work it out. Maybe it's because Tom refuses to be bullied by Stassi. I feel like she needs a pal who will do that for her.

Stassi Vs. Kristen: It's a Tie

Both of these guys fight dirty. It makes perfect sense how they were able to work it out and salvage their friendship in time for the reunion.

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