Who Will Be Next To Die On 'Arrow'?

It has been 14 episodes since the one-true Canary Sara Lance was killed in the Arrow Season 3 premiere and since then, things have been awfully quiet on the death front in Starling City... too quiet. While there have been plenty of crises to keep Team Arrow busy, we haven't seen a single casualty since Sara fell off the roof. Considering the endless supply of maniacs constantly attempting to take over Starling (you'd think at some point they'd just move on to an easier city), it's clear that we are long overdue for another death.

It's not that I want a character to die, I love everyone on the series. But like any loyal viewer, I know from experience that Arrow always saves it most emotional deaths for the very end of each season, sending us into the summer hiatus on an emotional, uncertain note. We lost Tommy Merlin in the Season 1 finale, and Moira Queen was murdered near the end of Season 2. Even Oliver himself died, or so we thought, in this season's winter finale. The Season 3 finale looks to be no different. The first warning sign came with an eyebrow-raising tweet from Stephen Amell:

This was followed by a very concerning tweet from Colton Haynes:

That's definitely a sign of someone dying, right? There is just no way we are going to make it through the rest of the season without some serious carnage. If Arrow's idea of just a midseason finale is stabbing Oliver Queen through the chest and kicking him off a mountain, we can only guess at what damage they'll do for a full season finale.

While we're speculating, I have narrowed down a list of possible deaths, from least to most likely.

John Diggle

They wouldn't... would they? This death would most definitely be the most heartbreaking. Digg's calming influence and overall awesomeness has been a mainstay on the show since it began. Even though he hasn't been fighting as much, he is still a key presence in the group. However, he and Oliver did just declare themselves brothers-from-another-mother, so it would pack quite the emotional punch.

Odds of death: 20 percent

Thea Queen

Ranked here because oh man, does Oliver's family have a terrible survival rate. She's been trained well enough by Malcolm Merlyn and can hold her own in a fight, but Thea has been playing fast and loose with her own survival after she found out about Sara. If she wasn't Oliver's sister, I would say she was a lock to survive.

Odds of death: 40 percent

Laurel Lance

Laurel is right in the middle of her transformation into the Black Canary, which means she is in lots of dangerous situations and isn't really trained for them. Her death would also impact Oliver and his already enormous guilt-complex. This alone puts her in the danger-zone for deathwatch.

Odds of death: 60 percent

Roy Harper

Roy has had very little to do now that his mirakuru days are over. Sadly, he is no longer hooking up with Thea, and all the fighting is now split between him, Diggle, Laurel, and Oliver. I'm pretty OK with this being his swan song. He's had his moments, but I've never really cared much about Roy's journey. His death would impact the whole team, and it would get rid of some of the dead weight taking up the show. Sorry Roy, I just don't think you'll live to see another season.

Odds of death: 80 percent

Quentin Lance

Lance has been on deathwatch since he got a mysterious stomach illness at the end of last season. These days he has been largely sidelined, not often in the action and only showing up to interact with Laurel. His death would be a shame, as he is often the only source of comedic relief, but it wouldn't really impact the show in any way. Chances are very good he will die before the finale.

Odds of death: 90 percent

My Best Guess: I think we'll be making up for lost time. Brace yourself to say goodbye to at least two players, one side and one major. Officer Lance has seen his final days, and my money is that he will die in the line of duty, perhaps protecting his only surviving daughter. Even though I will miss the heck out of his beautifully chiseled cheekbones, I'm pretty sure we have also seen the last of Roy Harper. Perhaps opening the door for Thea to get a mask of her own?

Images: Katie Yu/The CW, Giphy (5)