9 Signs You Need To Start Spring Cleaning NOW

by Chrissa Hardy

There are people in this world who are naturally inclined to keep things neat, tidy, and orderly — and then there are people who seem to thrive in a messy environment. If you fall in the latter category, it might be time to kick start your spring cleaning efforts this year. Sure, living life on the cluttered edge may seem like a quirky personality trait to possess, but hear me out when I say partaking in spring cleaning can totally save the day.

Look, I get it. You cherish all of your things and have trouble saying goodbye to even the most insignificant tangible items. You just can't help yourself from piling your room with stuff you don't need. You see value in a napkin, and you tell yourself that CDs will once again become cool. Leslie Knope is kind of a hoarder, and if she's a hoarder, how bad can it be?

But trust me when I say spring cleaning will make you feel better about the coming season. Getting rid of some of the junk can actually be a pretty cathartic experience. And if you're unsure as to whether you're just an eccentric collector entering Hoardersville, or if it's time to seriously consider talking to a professional who can help, here are the signs you should start your spring cleaning, like, immediately.

1. You haven't seen the floor beneath you in weeks... or months

You think you may have carpet, or maybe it's hardwood? You can't remember, and just looking down at it will tell you nothing. Maybe make a small goal of at least cleaning up enough to know what lies beneath? Baby steps, my friend. Baby steps.

2. You never worry about running low on wrapping paper

Because every year you buy more, even though you still haven't finished the batch from the previous Christmas season. You don't need to keep holding onto this stuff. It's cheap and the space it takes up in the months outside of December is too valuable to keep it on hand. Get rid of it and spend the $5 on the new stuff when the time comes.

3. You have a path to the doorway

There's no room to walk freely in any sort of pattern your little heart desires, but you have a path and to you, that's a win. At least give yourself an alternate route to the exit in case a spill or a lazy pet gets in the way.

4. You have zero concerns about being ill-prepared for old fashion trends making a comeback

Oh, the '90s are back in? Good thing you still have ALL of your scrunchies, platform sneakers, and JNCOs! But while these are awesome, you don't need a full wardrobe for each era. Just keep a few classic pieces, and donate the rest.

5. You have no idea where your favorite book is, but you know you didn't loan it to anyone

It's here... somewhere. And it deserves to be found. Dig until you see the light coming from its beautiful cover.

6. You are ready for when the world goes back to using VCRs and VHS tapes

This whole Cloud thing won't last. You'll see...

....except that you won't see, because media files will continue to shrink and get even easier to access. Get rid of those VHS tapes, STAT.

7. Your friends have repeatedly offered to help you organize a yard sale

They are so enthused about helping you put this together. Is that a hint? Yes, it's a hint. And you should totally take them up on it.

8. Your every unfinished craft project is proudly displayed under your bed

Over the past decade, you have taken up knitting, making friendship bracelets, quilting, and scrapbooking. And should you ever get the urge to dive back in to any or all of these projects, you can find the remnants under your bed. But maybe it's time to admit that you aren't really interested in any of these, or maybe just one of these, and toss the others.

9. If the world ended tomorrow, you'd be just fine

Because you have EVERYTHING you have ever needed in life, and could ever need. You are solid. If the end of the world strikes (which it probably will not), the rest of us will be knocking at your junk-surrounded door to come in and bask in the land of plenty.

Image: Fotolia; Giphy (9)