13 Spring Cleaning Tips That Will Save You Time (And Keep Your Sanity Intact) All Year Long

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The weather is finally warming up, which means it's time to tackle the dreaded task that is spring cleaning. As much as you may want to head outside and walk in the green grass, you can't truly enjoy the new season until you clear out any remnants of the old one. And after the winter we experienced, there is bound to be plenty of dust, dirt, and debris lurking in your house.

Even if you're obsessed with spring cleaning (and yes, some people are), there's no way anyone wants to spend a gorgeous weekend inside. As a trade, many people will wait till the first rainy weekend. Others, in an effort to quickly cross off chores, will give their to-do list a half-assed treatment. Some may choose the messier road and skip spring cleaning altogether. But there's a solution — or rather, several — that is better than any of these. Just implement a few spring cleaning hacks.

Whether you are trying to shave a few seconds off your chores or several hours, there are spring cleaning tricks that save you time without sacrificing the quality of your clean. There are even a few that can improve your cleaning schedule all year long. By implementing these 13 spring cleaning tricks, you'll be able to get the job done before the sun goes down — we guarantee.

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