9 Signs You're Obsessed With Spring Cleaning

by Chrissa Hardy

We've officially entered the most magical time of year. Christmas is... OK, I suppose, but is there anything more fulfilling than spring cleaning? You get your life and your possessions in order, you clear out old junk you no longer use, and you make room for shiny new toys. It's a blast. You live for this time of year. Spring cleaning is your jam, and it fills your heart with glee. Not everyone understands your extreme interest in keeping things tidy and orderly though. Your friends aren't total slobs, but they can't grasp the thrill you feel after removing a pair of rubber gloves at the end of a hard day of cleaning and looking around as every surface sparkles with bacteria-free beauty.

But cleaning is power. Cleaning offers a fresh start. Cleaning provides a check in a very important task box. Cleaning keeps the bugs away. Cleaning is everything. Sure, you dream about wiping down counter surfaces and your nightmares consist of messy attics and rats scaling piles of food wrappers. Isn't that the case for everyone? And you are now realizing that you don't just love keeping things clean — you might be obsessed with it. Here are all the signs you might be obsessed with spring cleaning.

1. You actually had fun shopping for cleaning supplies

It was like how you used to count down the days until it was time to go school shopping for new clothes and pencils. But this is the adult version.

2. You have mapped out your cleaning route

You'll start in the kitchen, move towards the living room, take a right into the bedroom, and finish up in the bathroom.

3. Your favorite scent is Lemon Pledge

You would wear it as perfume if it were socially acceptable.

4. You aspire to be Monica Geller

She has nightmares about messes. She cleans when she is happy/stressed/mad/nervous. She just Gets. You.

5. You're excited to tackle that hard-to-reach spot between your counter and your fridge

The white whale of your house. It's never been done, but this year... this year you will be victorious.

6. You just bought all kinds of new containers from The Container Store

You have your label maker in hand, and are ready to make this under-the-bed pile your bitch.

7. Getting organized is the one New Year's resolution you are sure you'll accomplish

And once this goal is achieved, you feel confident you can take on anything.

8. You have a playlist for this very occasion

It's packed with Britney, Christina, Miley, and of course, Bey.

9. You plan to celebrate your clean house with a beer

That will then be placed on a coaster. Duh.

Image: Columbia Pictures; Giphy (9)