Where Is Hook On 'Once Upon A Time?' Rumplestiltskin Has Officially Taken Over

Not my pirate, please don't take my pirate, Once Upon a Time. If you've been wondering about the lack of romantic Captain Swan scenes on the ABC series, Sunday night's episode answered that question for us. After some extremely uncomfortable moments between Hook and Belle's new OUAT boyfriend, Will Scarlet (was anyone else kind of confused — well, you had a good reason), "Enter the Dragon" confirmed that Rumplestiltskin is more evil than we thought. Rumple has started impersonating Hook to stay close to Belle — which is all good, but where is the real Hook on OUAT ?

First Rumple took his heart and now this? I was doing just fine with heartless Hook — mostly because it seemed like he really did still love Emma — but I just can't stand for this. When will I get confirmation that Hook is alive and well somewhere? Why is Rumple the world's biggest jerk? I mean, he left Belle and ran off on his villainous errand and now that she's over him, he's going to give her a hard time by impersonating her only confidant? Rumple's done some screwed up stuff in his time on OUAT , but this might be his absolutely worst stunt yet.

I can understand that he believes that true love is dead now that Belle's moved on and I get that he hates Hook for stealing his wife with his charm and exceptional eyeliner. But, c'mon, man. The series kept me hopeful that Captain Swan could survive Hook having his heart held hostage, but now that his entire body has gone MIA, I'm wondering whether or not we'll be left with Scarlet Beauty as the only 'ship that's not driving me to madness. (Seriously, when did the Charmings become the damn worst?)

It's only a matter of time before Emma realizes that she's dealing with a cheap copy of her soulmate — mostly because it's not exactly hard to see that something's wrong when Hook is side-eyeing Will like he murdered his children. And, at that point, everyone in Storybrooke will start asking the series' newest important question — is Hook alive and well somewhere and, if he is, WHERE THE HECK IS HE?

Image: Jack Rowand/ABC