'RHOBH' Brandi & Her Dad Have Come a Long Way

by Laura Rosenfeld

Sometimes, in between the backstabbing and the petty drama, there can be some genuine, raw emotion on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that goes much deeper than just being angry at one of your cast mates for looking at you funny. Family is almost always at the heart of real drama on reality shows. No one knows that better than Brandi Glanville, whose strained relationship with her father has played out on RHOBH this season and in the past.

Brandi is actually in a good place with her father during this season of RHOBH. He attended her housewarming party earlier this season, and the two seemed to be very warm and loving toward one another, just as fathers and daughters should be.

They couldn't have picked a better time to get their relationship back on track. In Tuesday night's episode of RHOBH, Brandi will receive some bad news regarding her father's health. Brandi's father, Guy Glanville, has had a very serious heart condition for years, and his health actually relapsed while Brandi was filming Season 4 of RHOBH, causing him to undergo surgery again. I'm hoping you make it out again just fine, Guy.

While Brandi obviously does not want to hear that her father is having issues with his health yet again, at least they're on speaking terms these days. This is a far cry from where they were a couple of years ago in one early episode of Season 4 of RHOBH when Brandi and Guy weren't speaking to each other amid his health crisis. She even sent him a text that read, "It would really suck if you died when we're not talking." There's that Brandi Glanville sense of humor we all know and hate.

The two have not been on speaking terms before, but it usually only lasts for a few days. This time, Brandi and her father didn't talk for six months and there are two main reasons why Brandi's relationship with her father became so strained. For one, he was really not a fan of the dress she wore to the 2013 Oscars, which barely covered her breasts. Brandi said on RHOBH that as her father ages, he "seems to be getting more conservative," even though she said he was basically naked all of the time as she was growing up.

That brings us to the other cause of Brandi's falling out with her father. He was also unhappy with his portrayal as essentially a free-spirited hippie in Brandi's 2013 memoir Drinking & Tweeting . She also referred to him as a "drug dealer" and marijuana grower in the book, which he, unsurprisingly, did not appreciate either.

Though we saw Brandi and Guy's relationship fall a part on RHOBH, we also saw them build it back up again on the reality show. A later episode during Season 4 of RHOBH was huge for Brandi. After months of not speaking with her father, she reunited with him in her hometown of Sacramento where she was giving a book signing at a gay pride event, and it actually did not end horribly. The two said they loved each other — a sentiment Guy had not returned to Brandi all day — hugged it out, and all seemed to be right again between Papa and Daughter Glanville.

Here's hoping they can now keep that love going for as long as possible.

Image: Michael Larsen/Bravo