What's Next For Carl & Enid On 'The Walking Dead'?

The Walking Dead just gave a whole new meaning to "sitting in a tree." Looks like Rick isn't the only Grimes with a lady friend this season. On Sunday's Talking Dead sneak peek for The Walking Dead episode "Try," Carl and Enid got closer outside of the Alexandria Safe-Zone. In the scene, the two talked about what they've been through in the apocalypse. Enid mentioned her mom. Carl tried to relate. Their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of some menacing Walkers and the two kids ran straight into a hollow tree. They were standing very close. It was tense! That's one hell of a first date, Carl.

Presumably we'll find out why Enid is leaving the safe walls of the Alexandria Safe-Zone in the first place, too. Was her mom one of the people that Deanna Monroe exiled, or did she die? Is this girl a spy for another group? Is she just too brooding for the suburban Safe-Zone to handle? These two tweens are clearly meant to be. I distinctly remember a time when Carl couldn't be left alone for a minute without running off as well. I can't wait to see what happens next with these two, especially if it ends with Carl being at odds with his father. Bring on some Walking Dead family drama!

The Talking Dead guests, Steven Yeun, Josh McDermitt, and Tyler James Williams, all started cheering after the sneak peek ended. I love that they're so supportive of their boy! It looks like this will be a big episode for old Carl Grimes — Chris Hardwick also revealed that Chandler Riggs will be a guest on next week's episode of Talking Dead.

AMC's other sneak peek shows Michonne having a moment with some laundry and then going to see after Tara and Sasha. That's all well and good, but I'm more interested in this teen romance.

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