What Role Will Matt Bomer Play On 'AHS: Hotel'?

by Kadeen Griffiths

Everyone drop what you're doing because Neal Caffrey is about to step into a horror movie. Not even a month after we discovered that Lady Gaga is joining American Horror Story, we're receiving the news of another cast addition that is just as exciting — if not even more so. After a brief appearance in American Horror Story: Freak Show as Andy in the episode "Pink Cupcakes" (an appearance that just as quickly ended in his character's death), Matt Bomer has been revealed as the lead in American Horror Story: Hotel, starring alongside Lady Gaga and Broadway star Cheyenne Jackson. As if we needed another reason to be exciting for the upcoming fifth season of the popular horror anthology.

Details about Bomer's role are being kept under wraps like everything about AHS: Hotel; they won't even tell us if his character would be in a romantic relationship with Lady Gaga's. This leaves us with no choice but to try and pick up clues from his other Ryan Murphy roles. After all, this upcoming season of AHS will not be the first time that Murphy and Bomer have worked together — nor will it probably be the last. If his past projects with Murphy can be used as hints of what to expect in AHS: Hotel, then there are spoilers ahead. If not, well, it's always fun to guess.

American Horror Story: Freak Show

Above everything else, Andy was a businessman. Okay, his business was hustling, and he used sex as a weapon in that area, but, hey, he worked hard for the money. It's exactly that kind of business savvy that would make him an excellent hotel owner or manager. If he can just manage to avoid the Dandys of the world, then there's even a chance he might actually survive through this season.


Say what you want about Cooper Anderson, but they guy had a hell of a lot of charm. He might have been competitive, and misguided about his own level of talent to almost Trina Vega levels, but he genuinely cared about his brother, genuinely wanted to help others succeed, and genuinely did his best to remember emotions so he can use it in a scene some day. That kind of over-the-top, theatrical behavior would be perfect for a colorful character like a Front Desk Agent or a Bellhop or even an Engineer with lofty dreams that the hotel is trying to beat out of him — murderously.

The Normal Heart

The Normal Heart — which Bomer starred in alongside Mark Ruffalo and his AHS on-screen killer Finn Wittrock — gave us a Bomer who was something of a gay rights activist. He was a journalist who had trouble getting awareness stories published, but he at least tried, which was more that could be said for a lot of journalists in the early '80s. That inquisitive nature and desire to do bring justice to those who need it most of all could make for an intrepid reporter character who is investigating all the terrifying events going on at the hotel.

The New Normal

Monty from The New Normal was just there to cause trouble for everyone's One True Pairing, Bryan and David. But, as with everyone character that Bomer plays, he looked damn good without a shirt on. If there's one thing that AHS could certainly use, it's more shirtless scenes to offset all of that, you know, terror. Adding Bomer as a lead for the upcoming decision is basically the best decision the show has ever made.

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