Justin Bieber Sings "Happy Birthday" To Himself Even Though He's Clearly Past The Reasonable B-Day Party Cutoff — VIDEO

In my mind, there are two kinds of people in this world: the kinds who understand that their own birthdays can be reasonably celebrated up to one weekend after they actually occur, and those who drag their birthday festivities out for freaking ever. Proving himself to fall into the latter category, Justin Bieber continued to celebrate his 21st birthday this weekend, even though the actual anniversary of his birth was two weeks ago on March 1. I'm guessing that we're all on the same page about the fact that his party should be called "Justin Bieber: Forever 21."

On Saturday, March 14, Bieber kept the party train a-chuggin' with a bona fide banger at the Heart of Omnia club in Las Vegas, as TMZ reports. This party is the most recent stop on a seemingly never-ending tour of hedonism that has been Bieber's 21st. On his actual birthday, Biebs rented out an entire private island for a days-long bacchanal. A few days later, TMZ reported that Bieber's party soldiered on at a Miami Beach hotel during an evening that yielded a call to the local authorities.

Because he's clearly not ready to go home, Bieber mounted the DJ booth to sing happy birthday to himself at this most recent event in Vegas. I'm dead serious, guys. Feast your eyes on Bieber's heart-rending rendition of "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEE!!!!" Rumor has it that the singer was supposed to get an exotic cat for his birthday. Again, I'm not kidding.

Just when you think he's done being ludicrous, he starts to lip-synch rap and gambol about the stage. This yields a spectacle exceeding my own capacity for Justin Bieber's ridiculous behavior. To borrow his own cutting words, LOL.

There you have it, folks. As far as we can infer from the above footage, Justin Bieber is that kind of birthday diva who won't quit with the celebrations of himself. Sure, to be fair, this was a pretty big milestone birthday for the Biebs. He can now legally consume alcohol, and I'm guessing that he's trying to milk all of the specialness out of the event as is humanly possible. Hence, the many weeks of festivities. But after a certain point, you can't expect your friends to shell out money for your dinner and wild animals. Just being real.