Justin Bieber Reacts to 'SNL' Parody With His New Favorite Chiller-Than-Thou Response

As a true social media burn expert, the Biebs works in sarcastic abbrevs like many artists work in oil paints. With three simple letters, Justin Bieber responded to the Saturday Night Live parody of his Calvin Klein ads in the same way that he answered the photoshop controversy concerning those ads. The letters? LOL.

If you haven't seen the SNL parody of the Bieber-centered (and potentially photoshopped) Calvin Klein ads that aired this weekend, do yourself a favor and remedy that immediately. In a somewhat surprising turn of events, Bieber appreciated Kate McKinnon's dynamite swaggy impression just as much as you did. On Sunday, Bieber commented on a tweet referring to the #mycalvins sketch, saying simply "Well played. Lol." With this tweet, the Biebs is establishing a bit of a pattern on how to respond to the critics.

After all, this isn't his first rodeo when it comes to LOL-ing at those who lampoon him. Following the speculation of Justin Bieber's penile area being photoshopped in his CK ads, Bieber's representation allegedly threatened a gossip site with legal action. Later on, Bieber posted a shirtless bathroom selfie with the caption "Photoshop. Lol" simultaneously responding to the photoshop rumors with a photo of his abs, and attempting to show that he was totally laid back about the whole thing. His response to the response to the sketch echoes the same 'tude.

See?! Bieber's got a sense of humor about himself!!! HE'S LOL-ing TOO, SEE?!?!

With a Bieber burn, it's all about the seeming chillness that allows him to maintain the veneer of a sense of humor. But between the lines, the message is basically "Hey, guys. I hear you talking about me. Don't you feel dumb that I was standing here the whole time, listening?" That's the beauty of the LOL. It's a multi-layered, ultra-nuanced form of passive aggressive shorthand.