How Do You Stream 'Community' On Yahoo Screen? Gillian Jacobs Doesn't Britta The Explanation — VIDEO

Hey, Guman Beings! With the return of Community on March 17th, you're probably wondering how to catch up with your favorite ragtag team of misfits (or, you know, whoever's left). After all, Community is being resurrected on Yahoo Screen, and approximately none of us is familiar with that particular streaming service. Well, luckily Gillian Jacobs and I got you covered.

To access episodes of Community, just go to and stream it from there. That's it. Unlike Netflix or that two month old episode of SNL that you missed, Yahoo is completely free. Alternately if you want to watch Community on on your phone and tablet, you can download the Yahoo Screen app, or you can watch from Apple TV, Roku or Xbox.

If you're a chronic binge-watcher, note that the first two episodes will be out tomorrow, but the rest will be released weekly. I repeat: if you're looking for a Community season six binge watch, you will have to wait this out a little longer.

Simple enough, right? Well, if you need a quick refresher, allow Community's own Britta Perry to spell it out for you in this Instagram from the always adorable Jacobs.

Happy streaming!

Images: Yahoo, GillianJacobs/Instagram