People Describe Their Best Date Ever

by Sara Levine

Dating can be pretty anxiety-inducing — you meet someone who's basically a stranger at a bar, restaurant, or whatever, and you commit to spending the next hour or more making small talk in the hopes of getting to know one another. But not all dates are awful, so instead of sharing more horror stories, how about we look at some dating success stories instead? Someone on Reddit just asked people to describe the best date they ever went on, so now you don't even need to meet an amazing prson you share great chemistry to restore your faith in people.

It's really easy for a date to take a turn for the disastrous — for instance, if your date were to steal your phone after you decide not to go home with him. Even if you didn't go on a date with Satan, though, you could still find yourself on a crappy date if the person doesn't look up from their phone the entire time, is a jerk to waitstaff, whatever. My point is, dating is scary. In fact, going on a date at all is kind of a brave move because it doesn't take a whole lot for a date to go from ordinary to worst ever.

But when that gamble pays off? It's totally worth it. Live vicariously through the awesome dates seen below, and take notes for the text time you ask someone out.

1. Get Your Tissues Ready

OK, so in reality this idea would be pretty hard to replicate (outside of the kissing on the Ferris wheel part) — but it was just so sweet I couldn't not include it.

2. A Date That Went From Awful to Awesome

See? You really can make lemonade out of lemons. Although I wouldn't recommend giving your date food poisoning.

3. At Last, A Really Cute Date Idea You Can Try At Home

Props to this guy for thinking outside the box. He's a keeper.

4. Another Person Who, Uh, Thinks Outside the Box

Don't you know the correct answer is April 25th? Jeez, if you're going to do something, do it right! (I kid, I kid).

5. Proof That Sometimes You Need To Date Yourself

Everybody needs a solo date once in a while. Ain't no shame in the game.

6. Uh. OK.

I don't... what? Outside of the squirrel thing I'd say pet adoption plus grilled cheese would make for a pretty kickass date. The squirrel seduction, though...

7. This One Sounds Like It's Out of a Movie

It's like they took the beginning of a horror movie and combined it with the ending of a romantic comedy! How sweet.

8. So Does This One

I swear, somewhere out there, there is a romantic comedy with this exact plot, and this Redditor is just trolling us.

9. A Cute Story With a Sad Ending

Uuuughhhhh, why do people do this? If you like someone enough to write them an original tune, the least you could do is reply back to tell them you're not interested! I mean, come on!

10. The Perfect Nerdy Date Idea

Six pies is a lot. But you know what they say: the couple that bakes together, stays together.

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