'Supernatural' Star Jensen Ackles Sings "Sister Christian” & Totally Kills It — VIDEO

He is a man of many, many talents. As hardcore fans of Supernatural know, Jensen Ackles is a singer and an actor. At Supernatural's 2015 VegasCon on Saturday, Ackles sang Night Ranger's "Sister Christian" and it's everything I could have hoped for and more. It's no secret that Ackles has a fantastic singing voice. We've seen him sing and do karaoke as Dean Winchester on Supernatural. Plus, Ackles released "Angeles" with Steve Carlson. This isn't the first time he's sang at a convention or in front of his fans. However, there was just something special about this particular performance, because Ackles went above and beyond by rocking it out stage.

As you can see in the video, Ackles starts off calm, cool, and collected showcasing his pipes (with help from band Louden Swain). Then, as the song picks up, so does Ackles. He starts feeling the music, and can't help but jam to the 1980s song. My description doesn't do the performance justice, so you really need to watch the video for yourself.

I also couldn't help but grab some of my top moments. So, here are few of my favorite things from the video thanks to Ackles being all-around amazing. Oh, and you know Dean would 100 percent feel Ackles "Sister Christian" rendition.

When He Was All Serious

From the get-go, you could sense Ackles' commitment.

When He Removed His Shirt

You know any performer who starts taking off their clothes on stage is really getting in to the music.

When He Got Really Excited

He just couldn't help but get pumped, especially when he was feeling the music and love around him.

When He Full-On Jammed

Jensen jamming and dancing = amazing.

When He Praised The Band

He didn't give himself all the credit for the performance, showing what kind of guy Ackles is.

When He Smiled

At the end of the song, the actor couldn't help but smile.

When He Belted Out That Last Note

Ackles ended on a good note — literally.

Now, enjoy the performance for yourself. It's totally worth every second.

Michelle Dijares on YouTube

So, I'm going to need Jensen Ackles to release an album, stat. Whether it contains original music or covers of classic rock in honor of Dean Winchester, it doesn't matter to me.

Images: YouTube