How To Meet People When You're Out With Your BFF

Dating, like shopping, talking to our friends, and pretty much everything else, is something we mostly do online nowadays — but there's still something to be said for actually going out to try to meet someone new, especially if you have your best friend by your side. Sure, meeting someone when you’re out alone is technically easier, because people will find you more approachable; but having your best friend by your side not only makes any outing more fun — it will also help you feel and act more confident. Your best friend is not just your wingwoman, but a personal cheering squad —someone who can help you feel confident, give you advice, and then help you secure some quality time with that person who keeps catching your eye. With your best friend there, you'll feel more self-assured to began with, which will make you stand out from the crowd; and once your bestie starts telling your prospective dates about how all-around awesome you are, well, what person wouldn’t want to get with you?

When your best friend is by your side at your local bar/ coffee shop/ combination bar and coffee shop, you'll get more than their support — you'll also get their priceless, honest opinion about the situation and the people you’re meeting. Remember your ex who turned out to be a nightmare, whom all your friends hated from Day One? Had your best friend been on the scene when you met, they probably wouldn't have even let you exchange numbers. Your best friend, especially if they're not looking to meet anyone themselves, can give you the ugly truth. Your bestie just doesn’t have the same dating blinders that you might have.

Because your best friend is the best asset you can have when you’re out looking to (hopefully) meet your new main squeeze, here are seven tips to help you make the most of your night on the prowl with your BFF.

1. Agree Beforehand That You Will Not Fight Over Anyone

If you and your BFF are both single and have the same taste in potential sex partners, going for the same person could throw a real cramp into your evening of wingwomaning. So discuss it beforehand, and decide on a way to handle things if you both find yourselves interested in the same person. Even if you decide on something kinda silly — like whoever spies the goods first gets to call "mine" — some preparation can help you avoid getting into an argument about it later.

2. Let Your BFF Keep Your Confidence Level High

When you're looking to meet someone new, keeping your confidence turned up to 11 is key. You need to feel not only like you're gorgeous and dazzling, but that you have the conversation skills and witty anecdotes to keep any potential love interest on the hook for hours and hours. If you feel your confidence starting to slip, ask your friend to bring you back up throwing some compliments and pep talk your way.

3. Get Them To Do Your Dirty Work

While your BFF may not want to come over and clean your toilet, there's a good chance they won't mind putting themselves on the line when you're out looking to meet someone. So if you're a bit too weak in the knees to approach someone yourself, let you bestie make an introduction — they'll be happy to help you/ make you stop whining about how you're too afraid to start a conversation with the hottie by the pool table by telling said hottie to come over and chat you up.

And if you get tongue tied, as anyone does with a sexy stranger, your best friend can save the conversation with some cool fact about you or a memory of that time you went sky-diving in college. Your BFF is not only talking you up, but boosting your confidence at the same time (and, of course, when it's their turn to get out there, you'll return the favor).

4. Ask For Third Party Input

If you and your friend are looking to reel a hot someone into the conversation, a great technique is to ask them for their input on your conversation. People love to give their two cents about pretty much anything, so opening with, "My friend and I can't agree on whether this dress is blue and black/ Hillary will run for president/ the Loch Ness Monster is real. Do you have any thoughts?" will bring someone right in.

5. Agree On A Secret Signal To Keep Each Other In The Loop

As best friends, you probably already have a secret language of in-jokes, code names, and verbal shorthand, so here is your chance to really use it. Agree on some signals that will help you communicate throughout the evening — perhaps one cough means you're into the person you've just met, while two coughs means it's time to cut your losses and run. Communicating with signals is so much easier than texting on the sly, or making up some to go to the bathroom together, then coming back and feigning sudden exhaustion.

6. Follow Your Best Friend's Lead

Your best friend totally has your back, so give them the reins. If you spy someone while you're out and want to talk to them but your friend is getting weird vibes, go with what your bestie has to say. Your BFF only has your best interest at heart, so following their lead is going to keep you away from trouble and disappointment.

7. Decide Ahead Of Time How To End The Night

So you've met someone, and so has your friend ― great! But don't wait until the night comes to a close to figure out how you're going to make an exit with your new acquaintance. Discuss beforehand whether it's cool to split up, and if so, when; also discuss how to let your bestie know that you're heading out. Decide upon a signal or a direct "OK, I'm out," so your BFF won't think you just disappeared (or vice versa). And make sure to set a text check-in time for the next day — because the last thing you want is for your best friend to spend the morning freaking out because you haven't been checking your texts.

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