How Ferrell's Characters Would Handle His Big News

by Alyse Whitney

After 20 years of making us laugh, Will Ferrell is getting a Hollywood Walk of Fame star. Variety reveals that the hilarious actor will be honored on March 24, which happens to be just a few days before his new movie, Get Hard, with Kevin Hart is released on March 27. Ferrell has slowed down with films over the past few years — since 2013, he's only starred in The Lego Movie, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, and Get Hard — but he has a career full of amazing, endlessly quotable movies from kid-friendly Elf to the very-NSFW Old School, Night at the Roxbury, and Step Brothers. One of the most exciting things on the horizon for Ferrell is Zoolander 2, which will have him putting on Mugatu's crazy platinum wig and maybe attempting brainwashing again.

There's only one way to properly celebrate Ferrell's big news, and no — it isn't just downing a glass of scotchy scotch scotch. Instead, revel in 8 reactions from his characters over the years, ranging from being trapped in a glass case of emotion to spinning in a revolving door. Basically, let's just hope Ferrell continues playing ridiculous characters for plenty more decades to come, ending up like the male version of national treasure Betty White.

Anchorman's Ron Burgundy

Screaming, crying, screaming.

A Night at the Roxbury's Steve

Yes, we mean you, Ferrell.

Zoolander's Mugatu

And an evil laugh thrown in there somewhere.

Old School's Frank the Tank

Dancing and chugging beer, of course.

Elf's Buddy

This is paired with a sugar high.

Talladega Nights' Ricky Bobby

This is the stage where he's freaking out about putting his hand prints in.

Step Brothers' Brennan Huff

And maybe getting a little braggy...

Blades of Glory's Chazz Michael Michaels

And it all ends with a unique kind of gun show.

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