Need Some Kanye West "Swish" Memes? Sure Ya Do!

by Kaitlin Reilly

Many people think that what Kanye West loves more than anything else on this planet is, well, Kanye West, but I think that these new tweets prove that the rapper has something he loves almost as much — Kim Kardashian's social media presence. On Monday the Kanye went on a a Twitter binge all because his wife Kim Kardashian hit 30 million followers on the social media network. How did he celebrate? By tweeting nude photos of his lady, followed by congratulatory messages and the very peculiar verb/noun "SWISH!" I guess we all know what really impresses Yeezy — lots of Twitter followers and looking awesome naked.

Don't get me wrong, here — Kardashian's ridiculously large Twitter army is no joke and neither are the pics of her insane body that West is celebrating the news with. But it's not like we can really be that surprised by either of those things being things. I mean, the reality star is famous because of her rampant social media presence — she's everywhere. Everywhere! That's what being Kim Kardashian means — your daily life is followed obsessively by people who have never and most likely will never meet you in person. Heck, I've never been graced with Kardashian's presence and I follow her on Twitter and am writing about her right now. So the fact that this is news to her own husband is so impressed by his wife is just a tad bizarre.

Luckily for Yeezus, his wife is all about that Twitter life, too:

Let's all decide now that the true meaning of "SWISH!!!!!" is to celebrate the world's most mundane of things, because clearly West is the ultimate trend setter.

You keep being you, Kanye. Swishhh.

Images: privatekanye/Instagram; Kaitlin Reilly/Bustle